RUC/PSNI Collusion – The Return

25 Mar

From Derry 32csm webpage
RUC/PSNI Collusion – The Return

It has been brought to the attention of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement that RUC/PSNI have been passing on information about family members of Republicans to Individuals they would construe to have Loyalist tendencies.
The son of a local Republican was stopped by one of the individuals in question who informed him that a PSNI patrol had stopped them on a random checkpoint and dropped his name saying that he was “Running the show out there!”
The man who knew the Republican’s son to see, actually stopped him and said he wanted to make him aware of what had happened and to distance himself from this.
The father of the man in question had previously recorded a threat against himself and his family by the RUC on a telephone which he had played at Public meetings before the RUC raided his house and removed all electronic equipment including the phone the recording was on.
It appears that the PSNI have not moved on as Stormont would have you believe.. That they are still using the same collusive methods and passing on information in the hope that not only Republicans but the families of Republicans be targeted by Loyalists.
The realisation that the Good Friday agreement is not and has not been working is dawning on more and more Republicans. They see the remilitarisation on the streets, the abuse of Republicans and families by the unreformable RUC, Torture, isolation and attempted Criminalisation of Republican POWs, Vilification and targeting of Irish Culture, Collusion rehashed and reintroduced, Hierarchy of Justice/Civil Rights and a total imbalance and partiality whilst visiting Apartheid on Republicanism.
Day and daily, this is getting worse and we ask that Republicans waken up to the blatant injustices planned from on high and implemented by the Stormtroopers of the RUC.


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