When humanity is silent.

26 Mar

i was sitting at home waiting for a friend and decided i should go on youtube, kill some tim that sort of thing. i started by watching a vdeo on che, and after several videos i stumbled upon a mini series about the Shankill Butchers.

The Shankill Butchers, a loyalist sectarian group of thugs worked with impunity for almost a decade, killing catholics in the most gruesome possible ways. Throuhts were cut, blodd drained and torture inflicted. If one exaimined it it was not the simple violence of someone fighting for an aim or goal but rather, the sadistic work of people who enjoyed what they were doing.

Watching this miniseries I felt myself sicken, not only at the brutality, but the fact of the matter is that the movie pointed out that many people in the police and the loyalist community knew who the killers were, yet did noting to stop them.
Watching loyalist, RUC officers and others interviewed, two things struck me the first was the wall of silence surrounding these henious crimes and the secound was the rationalization that justified the silence.

Decades later everyone condemned the crimes and tried to distance themselves, coming up with excuse after excuse of why they did nothing, as well as shift the blame but the reality of the situation is diffrent. These crimes were committed in a political climate influenced by anglo suppremacy and the sad reality is that to most of the people interviewed in the film, they really didnt care about some catholics ending up dead, and in the climate of Anglo supremacy there silence in many ways reflected the benifit that they gained from Anglo Supremacy. For to condemen the Shankill butchers was to condemn the political climate that lead to those acts which was the ideology of the inherant supremacy of the colonizer over the colonized. The Shankill butchers were not an anomoly but rather the logical conclusion of the system of British occupation that is still in place today.

Living in a first world nation based on the ideology of first world supremacy, colonialism and genocide against nations here and abroad I sometimes wonder what my role in all of this is. yes I am not the one persent but i benifit from the system built on the flesh and bones of children in Gaza, slavery and genocide of the peoples whose lands im on. Though I wonder the correct way to act and what tactics are appropriate or not, one thing I never wonder about is the fact that I have a duty to not be silent as the world powers butcher people here and abroad for profit. For in this context silence is consent to what is being done and the butchery that the state calls forighn and domestic policy.

i dont have all the answers but the one thing i do know is after the collapse of the evil empire i dont want to be on some youtube clip explaining why i sat silent as other people were murdered and butchered for my beifit.


One Response to “When humanity is silent.”

  1. Mariano April 1, 2013 at 8:56 pm #

    I for one think this was a fantastic post.

    There might have been a few more information, yes, but what was said was said skillfully and I couldn’t agree one iota more than I do. Any more posts on this matter forthcoming? I hope so.

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