KW Occupy Occupies Crown Attorneys office!!

27 Mar

Today KW Occupy, in response to intensification of state attack, went to the office of the crown attorney, who is the representative of the attorney general to drop off a letter. The letter had four demands

1.An end to political prosecutions
2.Free all Political Prisoners in KKKanada
3.End the theft of low income and marginalized children carried out by CAS
4.End the targeted Prosecution and attacks on marginalized communities.
5. Remove the lie from the courthouse door stating that you can not record court proceedings.
Given the fact that the office illegally refused to take the letter, we pulled out a megaphone and read our demands. Police officers, pretending to be movers stated that there was no one there qualified to take our demands. We pointed to the secretary, and the undercover told us that they were busy. We stated we could wait all day.

The police then stated that if we would not leave they would search us, we stated we had nothing to hide and demanded that someone take our letter. Police then threatened to arrest us, which we said they could not because as citizens we have the right to deliver our message to the Attorney General, of whom the crown is there representative and as such they must take our letter, we also stated they have no grounds to force us to leave.

At this point police started to threaten to sieze someones cellphone for taking pictures. Despite the fact that there is no law against taking pictures, they continued to intimidate this person to delete the pictures of us in the office. When we pulled out court documents showing our right to record activities they stated that this is not a courthouse.

We stated we are calling our attorney, yet despite this they illegally tried to take the phone. Not wanting the police to have any info they dont need, the person with the cellphone was intimidated by police to delete the pictures.The police then coerced an end to the occupation by preparing to arrest people. As we were leaving police then attempted to assault one of our members, despite this we taped our demands to the doors of the courthouse.
This was a political victory because we took the struggle to front steps of our enemy and showed that we are not intimidated.

This is one of the first of many occupations and actions aimed at those who implement a system of injustice and criminalization!!!!!


One Response to “KW Occupy Occupies Crown Attorneys office!!”

  1. William Ashley March 27, 2013 at 9:55 pm #

    You have a typo in this post record is spelled recored. Try faxing the letter, it gets sent if the fax is on. Just record sending it if you want a record of it. They have email too.

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