Anti Colonialist Working Group Speech to be read at todays Easter Commoration

28 Mar

On Behalf of Anti Colonialist Working Group i would like to send revolutionary greetings to the 32 County sovereignty movement, their leadership and there membership currently incarcerated, Particularly Marian Price, who has been locked up in isolation for over 650 days for participating in a commemoration similar to this in Derry. i would also like to send revolutionary greetings to those on roe four in MagHaberry, Particularly those Four lads on dirty strike incarcerated with loyalist still denied the right to be with their comrades on roe four. The perseverance in the face of brutality that Republican prisoners have shown gives truth to the words of Bobby Sands “The British have nothing in their whole arsenal that can break the spirit of an Irish person”.

i would also like to send greetings to those organizations fighting for the rights of Irish POWS, the IRPWA and SOLAS POWS. i would especially like to commend the internationalist spirit of SOLAS POWS that stands not only with IRiSH POWS, but POWS across the world such as the Cuban five and others. Their dedication and hard work is a demonstration of the spirit of Anti imperialist internationalism.

We stand before this monument here that is dedicated to the patriotic dead. To the imperialists this monument is a symbol of wars of aggression, and a way to pay lip service to whole generations of the working class butchered in the wars of the rich, yet today we stand here to remember the true patriotic dead, who died not for king and kaiser but rather for their right to determine their own destiny. Those like Pearse and Connolly who died so that Irish people could be free from the Colonialist yoke. This spirit, the spirit of Republicanism that lived in the hearts of the Quincy Brigade, an irish group of Volunteers who fought fascism in Spain lives today in the hearts of peoples around the world resisting the theft of their land, and this spirit cant be broken by bullets, jail or treaties.

It is this spirit we gathered here today honor as anti imperialists and internationalists.

Anti Colonialist working group stands with all fighting Colonialism not just in Ireland but here as well, and it warmed my heart several days ago when Indigenous resistors not only wore easter lilies but one acknowledge the friendship and work that some Irish people have done for those colonised here by the same crown.

We pledge to continue our solidarity for those fighting for a unified 32 County Ireland free of English military and economic control.

Victory to Óglaigh na hÉireann


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