Intimidation and terror tactics aimed at 32CSM Scotland

4 Apr

From 32csm Scotland website

– Vol.Charles Carrigan Cumann – 32csm Scotland

Wednesday, 3 April 2013Travelling harassment of 32csm Scotland members

The Vol Charles Carrigan Cumann Scotland 32 CSM

On March 29th 2013, five members of the Volunteer Charles Carrigan Cumann were approached and stopped by members of the Special Branch and MI5 at Loch Ryan ferry port.

While going through check-in, 12 uniformed police officers surrounded members and asked would they go to the side for a “thorough check”. They were then quizzed about their reason for travelling to Ireland and if they would be attending any commemorations to remember Ireland’s fallen. All activists remained silent for over half an hour, 3 were signaled to board, while 2 were aggressively taken to a room and held under the ‘Terrorism Act 2000’.

While being held they were further quizzed about events which were due to take place that weekend, and asked about several people in Ireland who they deemed to be involved in “terrorism”.

While our members continued to remain silent to their queries, they were told that if they did not comply one day they would receive the same treatment of that which faced another member of Scotland 32csm, who a week prior had his house raided and he and his young children and pregnant girlfriend were badly harassed and beaten.

We, the Scotland 32 County Sovereignty Movement totally condemn the treatment being dished out to our members as of late, and we reiterate that these bully boy tactics will not deter us from travelling to Ireland when we like and we will continue to highlight the plight of republican prisoners from our positions in Scotland.
We would also like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to our friends and comrades from Derry and Belfast for there great hospitality over the weekend
We will not be silenced!

Beir Bua


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