4 Apr

Taken from RCP page The Red Flag

The Harassment Still Going On
Partisan #36 • March 29, 2013

Not satisfied with having raided the house of a supporter of the Revolutionary Communist Party (1), the RCMP and its dubious “Integrated National Security Team” continues to harass activists suspected of being communist sympathizers. A student association (from CEGEP Lionel-Groulx in Ste-Thérèse) has already been the subject of a search warrant on February 27.

Officially, the RCMP is investigating supposed acts of terrorism claimed a few years ago by a group acting under the name “Initiative de résistance internationaliste” (“Internationalist Resistance Initiative”). In doing so, it does not hesitate to harass grassroots activists, community workers and activists from the workers’ and students’ movements. They even visit community groups. Employees and activists from these organizations, who do not necessarily share the ideology of the PCR-RCP Canada, may feel intimidated when those hefty and insistent wireworms visit them. It is therefore not only revolutionaries who are targeted, but also all activists who aspire to social justice.

This type of harassment is nothing new: it has been part of the police behaviour since the bourgeois state has existed. Same thing for the use of agent provocateurs, who can also serve as informants and destabilizing agents. The communist, labour and social movements, as anti-imperialist and anticolonial networks, have always faced this kind of challenge.

The basic role of the police is to protect the bourgeois power. Yes, sometimes they will discipline some bourgeois factions that bend the rules of the game too much to gain an advantage at the expense of other bourgeois factions. Some may be arrested for corruption, so the rich will remember that it’s okay to steal from people, but this must be done by following the rich people’s rules. Apart from insignificant gestures like providing a number to help a theft victim make an insurance claim, the police are never there to serve the people.

With the deepening of the crisis and the rise of a large resistance movement in the past fifteen years, the police are noting the radicalization of people’s actions and demonstrations. They don’t want those who propose to remove power from the bourgeoisie to become increasingly powerful and militant. The police think that the current radicalization is largely propagated by communists, anarchists and various anti-capitalist currents. But the anger of the masses does not come from the PCR-RCP or other anti-capitalistnetworks. The austerity measures from the provincial and federal governments contribute a lot more to people’s radicalization.

If the police are looking for criminals and people’s enemies, they have to go to parliament or the boards of big corporations. There they will find a whole bunch of bandits and corrupt individuals —to the point they won’t have enough time to deal with them. No offense to the police, the anger of the masses will continue to increase, and so will their desire to overthrow the bourgeoisie. Neither the police harassment, nor mass arrests in people’s demonstrations will change anything. Quite the opposite will happen and it already started: political and police repression will convince more people that the capitalist system is a dead-end and that it’s high time to crush it!


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