Marian Price Interned 700 Days

12 Apr

From IRPWA Webpage

Marian Price – Interned 700 days today

Marian Price 700 days of Illegal Internment and isolation today..You’ll not see that on the British news channels nor the date acknowledged by the British quislings and cohorts..Martin Corey,a man in his 60’s, 5 days off being Interned for 3 solid years without charge and suffering the brutality and violations of the Sectarian screws in MagHaberry Torture camp..Censorship and overtly blatant sectarian Apartheid still implemented on behalf of Westminster by culpable quislings in a puppet parliament.

Marian’s pardon has been admittedly destroyed by the British. The destruction of this document has meant that Marian has remained Incarcerated where the admitted criminal destruction of evidence should have seen Marian released immediately and those responsible for the destruction of evidence dragged before the courts.

May 13th will see 2 years since Marian was taken into custody.. April 16th will see 3 years since Martin Corey has been taken into custody.

The British have criminalised an ideology and thousands of men and women are at risk from this very British strategy of using license revocation to quell a unification credo.

Stand against British Criminalisation and British Internment!

Free Irish Internees!

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