Three years in a cage, still unbroken, Free Martin Corey Now!!!

17 Apr

It has been over three years since the illegal kidnapping and internment of Irish

Republican Martin Corey by the British. Martin Corey, a man in his 60’s has suffered

tremendously in those three years. Cut off from his family and friends, ripped out of a

community that loves him and supports him, he is in a hellhole in MagHaberry facing

degrading stripsearches and other sorts of torments, not because of any crime he

committed, but rather simply for the fact that he holds an ideology that runs contrary

to the views held by the British state.

Like something out of Kafka’s story the trial, he knows not what he is accused of, nor

has he seen any evidence against him or had a chance to dispute whatever sort of

claims his kidnappers make. The story turns more grotesque when one realises that a

British court has ruled that his internment is unconstitutional and demanded his

release, yet despite this,the occupational forces overruled this decision and he is

still in the MagHaberry hellhole. The British injustice system showed how courts are

only a tool to be used when they do what they are told and their decisions can be

discarded and thrown away like Price’s Pardon when they do not suit the ruling class,

showing once again that rule of law in the occupied six counties is simply a lie.

Despite all this, the occupational forces have not achieved their objective, which is

to break a man and destroy his ideology. Martin Corey is still unbroken, and his

resilience in the face of this political persecution and criminalization demonstrates

the futility and despair that the occupation faces, even by breaking their own laws,

ignoring their own courts making a mockery of the notion of justice there is nothing

they can do break Martin Corey or his just cause of Irish Republicanism and end to the


This issue of the internment of Martin Corey is not just an irish issue, but rather an

issue that all must take and support. What they are doing to him, Price and others is

a crime against humanity and all who believe in justice and fairness should be

outraged. The biggest irony is that as we speak Britain, as part of the Anglo American

Alliance has taken it upon themselves to promote regime changes and military invasions

around the world in the name of human rights and accountability. There is an old

saying that Britain should pay heed to accountability starts at home and before

Britain condemns others for human rights abuses, they should look to their own that

they are committing in the occupied six counties.

Write a letter or call Theresa Villers and demand he be set free

Theresa Villiers 163 High Street Barnet Hertfordshire EN5 5SU T: 020 8449 7345. F:

020 8449 7346.


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