Tyranny is already here!!!!

19 Apr

Two days ago before a rally im on facebook and i get an urgent message from a friend that their sisters child was apprehended. About fifteen cruisers boxed in my friend, guns drawn,as the CAS worker removed the child while police searched the people and the car ripping the child at gunpoint out of the mothers hand. Im trying to sort this all out, figure out whats going on while my friend is texting me about the police and state implementing martial law. While this is going on Im having a friend ranting and raving about non violence and how our militancy is giving the state the excuse to criminalize us.

Its kinda funny, here we are talking about the state taking away our rights, while a poor woman has her child stolen from her at gun point without due process. What rights and freedoms are they talking about? The right to get arrested for posting a picture of graffitti, like that woman from montreal, the right to be forced off of your land and exposed to genocide like the original peoples of this territory, the right to be fired for refusing to have half your pay cut, like the caterpiller workers in London?
They dont want to take away peoples gun rights in the U$ because the imperialists mean to implement tyranny, tyranny is already here, they want to do this so that when people like the middle strata see whats really going on they will be disarmed and crushed the same way poor people, racialized people and indigenous people have felt the boot of brutal capitalism since the system was implemented.

As for our resistance bringing down repression, thats like blaming the victim of an armed robbery for getting robbed because they resisted. Resistance doesnt create repression, but rather its a reaction to brutal conditions that rob us of our basic rights that we have by virtue of being human. Its funny, cause during our peaceful picket for the POWS when cops kept up intterupting us when we were talking to people, trying to make us look like criminals and to intimidate thse who were talking to us, one person told us we should be happy at the police response because they didnt attack us or arrest us and acted civilly. Really? Has it gone this far and are we so use to police interfering in our political activity that we should be thakfull for not getting beaten up as oppossed to outraged that we are being monitered and fucked with for simply handing out flyers? Since when has the definition of civility been armed men watching you and interrupting you simply for handing out flyers?Have we become so use to having our rights violated that we are thankfull that we didnt bet beaten up and only monitered and intimidated? What the fuck!!!!!

As for the idea of non violence as an ideology the idea of pacifism, eg. civil disobediance and not hitting back at all costs only works when the system you are fighting is humane and actually cares about what is happening to people. Can we delude ourselves that a system that murdered 100 million native people, armed hitler, invaded quite a few nations for plunder and profit, criminalizes and brutalizes people because of the color of their skin and gets rich through explotation really gives a shit about human life? Can we delude ourselves that those who make assasination a policy, here and abroad can be reasoned with and see the errors of thier ways? dudley George was non violent and the state thanked him with a bullet!!!!!!

What i am talking about is not that we should all grab guns and start shooting, but rather that we stop holding illusions that make no sense as dogma and stop blaming the victim for the crimes of the state. Furthermore, i want to point out that freedom is not something that disapears overnight, but rather in increments and by the time that the police state is totally entrenched it wont be because of a swift change in the system but rather because we were silent and traded what ever priveledges we had for a false sense of saftey and security.

7 Responses to “Tyranny is already here!!!!”

  1. The Animals April 19, 2013 at 2:54 pm #

    Growing up in Windsor, I remember a man loaded a truck with propane canisters and set them on fire. He drove the truck into the side of the brand new CAS building. Taking away peoples children can drive people to desperate acts.

    • doug April 20, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

      Growing up in Windsor, I remember a man loaded a truck with propane canisters and set them on fire. He drove the truck into the side of the brand new CAS building. Taking away peoples children can drive people to desperate acts.

      Really!!!!Sounds like the actions of a stable man capable of looking after kids!!!

  2. Kyle Waal April 19, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    I like this. Well said. While I’m mostly a pacifist when possible, the time does come where fighting back is necessary. The gun control debate is one area where I disagree with a lot of leftists (mostly liberals, not ‘true’ leftists however) on – We definitely will need access to weaponry come revolution. I’m a scrawny, weak bastard, so I probably won’t be of much use in the physical fight myself, but I’d certainly do what I could haha – I’d probably have to find other ways to aid the struggle.

  3. doug April 20, 2013 at 2:59 pm #

    CAS don’t take kids for no reason.The kid is probably much better off away from what ever abuse or neglect it was facing with the parents.In most of these cases the so called “parents” should not even have kids.Drugs,booze, sexual abuse etc.

  4. julian ichim April 20, 2013 at 5:34 pm #

    according to CAS themselves. 80% of children are taken because of economic reasons eg. parents are deemed not to have enough money……when asked why they dont give the money they give to foster parents to poor parents they responded…….nothing

    • doug April 20, 2013 at 10:51 pm #

      when asked why they dont give the money they give to foster parents to poor parents they responded…….nothing

      Why should they give the money to these so called parents who will more than likely just spend it on drugs,booze whatever and not on the kids!

      • michael April 21, 2013 at 7:01 pm #

        The police work for the elites, and will defend their interests above all. As the elites tighten their grasp and push back at their opposition to their takeover, the rights of “the people” will be quickly pushed aside. Increasingly the police are using children as tools against “non-compliant” parents. CPS are a fundamentally evil organization with pedophilia at its root. They are part of a move to take the control of children from their parents to the state; the better to indoctrinate them.

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