23 Apr

On April 23rd a handful of people went to the new 1 billion dollar “anti terrorist” courthouse to hand out flyers about the crimes of CAS, as well as informing people about their rights. People gave speaches on the megaphone as well as handed out literature. This was greated with passerbyers honking support and raising clenched fists. After a bit of time passed, police asked us to leave the front of the courthouse due to the fact that they said you are not allowed to protest the on the courthouse terrance, despite the fact that we were not impeading anyone, nor interfering with the proceedings inside.

When we pointed out that this was public property and where is there a law against protest on public property, the cop could give a coherant answer and went inside to get his cronys.

HE came back out with two cops per person as well as a building manager or some shit telling us to leave. None of these people could show us any law saying what we were doing is illegal and why we should stop giving out information on public property. The closest we got to an answer was one cop who said their is a law somewhere wbut he doesnt know what it is and doesnt want to give us false info (the irony is that it is a court house where they inforce the laws, they should at least know what the laws are!!!)

When we finally decided to leave and go on the sidewalk we were approuched by a woman who works in family law who thanked us for giving information, and complained about how screwed up the system is!!!

Most people were receptive and it was a posative experiance. We will continue to raise awareness and will be back at the courthouse demanding accountability from CAS (as well as cops who enforce laws that no one even them know about)


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