Rally against Nazi Scum!!!!!

24 Apr

Community Rally Against Racism

This is a callout to all antiracists and allies in the tri-city area, the time has come to mobilize and let the boneheads know that though we have been quiet and not actively organizing we are still here and we not allow racists to ever get a foothold on our streets again. We are calling for folks to assemble in Kitchener at Speakers Corner (King/Fredrick) on April 25th @9am

On April 25th Eric Marshall and Jessie Lajoie will be appearing at the Kitchener courthouse on charges of aggravated assault, conspiring to commit an aggravated assault, and wearing masks. Both have conditions that prohibit them from contact with Kyle Mckee and from accessing the blood & honour website. Jessie Lajoie is a (former?) member of Blood & Honour Calgary (whose leader is former Kitchener resident Kyle Mckee), a white supremacist group that has organized “white Pride Rallies” and whose members have been arrested for violent assaults on visible minorities.

Kitchener-Waterloo has a proud history of confronting racists in our community. In the 90’s when neo-nazis had a foothold on our streets, youth and concerned citizens organized and resisted their efforts and chased them outta town. In recent months there have been reports of white supremacists organizing in the tri-cities and surrounding areas. Once again KW must unite to oppose the racist scum that wants to pollute our city and streets with their racist garbage.



for more info contact: tricity.antifa@gmail.com

A group of boneheads held a rally in London Ontario on april 13


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