Memorys of Antifacist Actions and Kyle Mcgee the coward!!!!

26 Apr

Most people know that my shift from being a book armchair Marxist to political

activism started with Anti Fa work.Kitchener had a NAZI problem for quite awhile which

lead to the creation of ARA. Shortly after I got jumped by Nazi’s in front of my

school and seeing that none of the teaachers did shit aND LET ME GET BEAT UP , I

joined ARA. From 1996 or 1995 till 2001 when we finally drove them out of town, we had

quite a few street fights, altercations etc. my cat was killed by NAZIS, my family

threatened etc. etc. In 2001, when we started the first youth run youth drop in centre

in Canada with no government funding, shit came to a head, with NAzis attacking our

centre, smashing the windows and other such shit, we responded by defending what was

ours and shortly after an altraction we chased them, surrounded them, and the downtown

youth joined us forcing them to be escorted by police, killing all there credability,

and exposing them for what they are.

Over the years there were quite a few people who were NAZIs that showed , and i hate

to use this word, bravery, Kyle Mcgee was not one of them. I first heard of him during

2002 or so when he attended a pro palestinian rally that we organized, to harrass and

threaten my sister. Anyone who met her knows she has quite a mouth and even I am

scared of her when she is angry….lol, she didnt take to kindly to his bullshit and

stood up to him, at which point a city worker accidently hit him in the head with a

pole. I later heard of him when he tried to confront one of her friends because she

was a “dirty jew”, but apprently things didnt go his way once again and i dont know

the specifics but she walked away unharmed, the same cant be said about Kyle. Our

knowledge of kyle from his actions is one of cowardess and not being able to cope with

such a huge anti fa precence, he fabricated charges against some of our comrades and

wrote bullshit statements to the police, whom he would always run and hide behind when

he bit off more then he could chew.

I remeber when I ran into him at williams coffee pub with his buddies and i called him

a zionist fuck a few times talking about the support the facists gave Zionist which is

very well documented, and knowing that was the worst thing i could call him. When he

got sick of me calling him that, he was like fine I am a zionist, to which I replied,

now write that in your police statement, at which point we went to the park to deal

with stuff and once again things didnt go his way, when he tried to pepperspray me and

others, it blew in his face and he met anti fa resistance, his buddies abandoned him

and his attempt to start a white power crew blew up in his face.

In all my encounters with him what I learned is that he is not a person of principle,

but rather a coward who attacks people whom he percieves as vulnerable, and goes to

the police when shit doesnt go his way.

I followed his carrear in Calgary with some interest, and despite the internet trying

to make him look like a white power saviour, he is still a coward at heart. His

violent acts, and firebombing and shit, terrorising children and civilians is only

done when he has lots of people to back him, or when he assumes people are vulnerable.

he sends his friends to do his dirty work, and hides behind his crew. his politics are

shoddy even for a white supremacist, and at the end of the day the reason he is in

Alberta is because he never was shit here.

Despite this, we must not ignore the threat that NAZi’s like him present to our

community. What he wants to build and is getting support for is a society that aims at

liquidating a huge protion of the population and entrenching the system of white

supremacy and exploitation. His views and politics are based on terror for the sake of

terror and power by brute force for no other end then entrenching his psuedo

darwinistic might makes right agenda.To sit by silently and not oppose the facists in

the street gives them space to build, and as all people know apeasement didnt work

during WWII it wont work now!!!!

Facists only understand violence, and to allow this violence to go unoppossed will not

in any way make it go away. In this time of economic turmoil and crisis the right is

entrenching there control, and using people like kyle as foot soldiers to impose their

agenda. We must mobalize the community and oppose this!!!!Never let the NAziS have the



2 Responses to “Memorys of Antifacist Actions and Kyle Mcgee the coward!!!!”

  1. doug April 27, 2013 at 5:32 am #

    So you and your COMMIE buddy’s some how think your better than the Nazi’s!!! Now that is

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