Condo’s Get Hit Again!!!!

30 Apr

Today KW Occupy took a stand against the gentrification and destruction of the downtown community by once again occupying the downtown office of the condo developers. The office, which is a model condo, is used to show prospective buyers what they could expect if they buy a Condo, we decided that it was important for them to know exactly what they are in for, including the fact that yuppies are not welcome!!!!!

These condos aim at displacing working class and poor people from the downtown core and today we showed, once again that we will not let that happenned.

After calling the police the office worker closed an hour early, and when police showed up and went inside to talk to her we decided to take off.(we were niether under arrest nor detained)

This is a continuation of our campaighn against gentrification and we will continue this fight till we are victorious


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