Hail The Heroic Vietcong!!!

30 Apr

38 years ago, under the leadership of the NLF, the people of Vietnam dealt a desisive blow to the U$ imperialists winning national liberation and freedom. This victory of the people of Vietnam against one of the most powerful imperialist nation shows what an oppressed people can achieve through unity, vigilance and resistance. The defeat of the u$ imperialists was not just a victory of the people of Vietnam but rather a victory of the peoples of the world and its impact can still be felt today. 38 years later the lessons of the Vietnamese people in this victory is just as relevant as it was back then, which is that a small group of people, through action based on analysis can unify the whole peoples and defeat capitalist and imperialist paper tigers. On this anniversary, let us not only be nostaligic, but rather also learn lessons from the youth in the Sixties, specifically on our internationalist obligations towards those fighting imperialism here and abroad!!!!!


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