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We are all sysiphus!!!

31 May

only by struuggle are we unvanquished-spanish civil war song

What freedom are you talking about? the freedom to be homeless, the freedoom to be uneemployed, the freedom by be beaten and arrested for our beliefs-DJ Cameron local activist who took his life after being fucked over by the system

“If i didnt believe we could win i wouldnt e here sitting and talking to you now-CIRA member to the media

one of the biggest prolems of our movement at this moment is those who are willing to close there eyes to the horribble things around them and reach reasonable accomadtion with the system on the basis that our strugglle is doomed therefore its etter not to do anything other the be cynical fucks, making snide remarks on the sidelines and critisizing those who are engaging in actions as feckless adventurers. The flipside of this coin is so called maoists who push the theory of three worlds and bastardise the teachings of Mao to create legitimacy for inaction.

Stating that revolution is impossible here in North America these people have there internet forums, discussions, cushy jobs at NGOs etc. and in the name of ultra leftism, choose to do nothing and take shit one step further critisizing those who act as feckless, adventurists and needlessly causing themselves danger by putting themeselves at risks.

While i can sit here and quote to you from city records etc. about all the victories won locally by strugglle, some of it being physical strugglle against police who trample our rights, i wont. The thousand of units of housing created by this strugglle, the restoration of funding to programs slated for being cut, the evictions stopped and people livley restored through action speaks for itself that the line of direct confrontation against a brutal system is not only affective but necessary.

What speaks more to this is those in similar situations who have chosen not to fight out of fear of the all powerful state only to get screwed over as they find themselves tangled in a web of lies, court bullshit and deciet, esp if the people they are
dealing with is CAS or other such bullshit instituions that lie andcheat with the same ease most of us breathe.

yet the true question is not whether revolution is or nis not feasible but rather is it acceptable to sit by watching the state destroy peoples lives and sit back quietly and do nothing.As the death toll rises from drugs pushed into our community by the state, as social programs are cut forcing single mothers to sell there bodies to feed there children, as indigenous activists are incarecerated, having there livlyhoods destroyed, and getting killed like Dudley George, to sit by and do nothing is unnacceptable!!!!

The issue is not whether or not we will win, but rather can we live with ourselves if we sit silently and do nothing while the state intensifys its war on the poor and carrys out genocide in our name here and abroad. Can we sit outside the gates of auswitch watching the smoke coming out of the chimney and rationalize our silence in theory and defeatism? Can we live withourselves as the state destroys homes, throwing people in the streets, shutting down factories, yet spending billions of dollars on intensifying the prison industrial complex?

The issue is not about victory, but rather about survivalle , not just of our lives, but of our souls. As humans living in a imperialist nation uilt on stolen land we have an obligation to fight, not consilate with a system built on death murder and genocide.

Like sysiphus we have no choice but to push the rock up the hill knowing that it will just roll back down, yet continue to do so regardless because the issue is not if we will win, but rather because we have no other choice, and like sysiphus we must do so with a smirk, a smirk that says no matter how bleak things look we will still fight, even if we lose, because that is our only option, and there lies our victory, no matter what they do to us we must keep that smirk, the smirk of defiance that states, no matter what you do to us we will resist, and in doing so we cant be defeated, because no matter what they do to us they can never steal the resistance in our heart and soul, the spirit that says we will win, nay we have already won, because our victory lies in the fact that no matter what they do we will remain defiant, and by doing so we will demonstrate that there is an alternative, one they cant takke away from us, and that alternative is our right to say No!!!

IRPWA Welcomes Price Home

30 May


IRPWA welcome Marian’s release

The IRPWA welcome the release of Marian Price and wish her a speedy recovery after her 2 years of isolation and torture at the hands of a foreign British government and it’s chosen torture camps in Ireland.
Her incarceration was a pre-planned act of vengeance by Westminster overlords for having an Irish Republican ideology.
It is a rancid corrupt system where a woman can be removed from her family and forced into isolated incarceration for a period of over 2 years on the whim of a Foreign government keen to flex their muscles via means of illegal internment and evidence destruction. Marian has been freed but should never have been arrested and suffered what she and her family have been put through..
Many are still suffering Selective Internment , not least Martin Corey who has now faced over 3 years Internment for nothing except a British/Pan-Unionist unwritten pact to keep what they consider Croppy’s in their place.
Stephen Murney interned for trying to protect his civil rights by publicly recording his own continual harassment by crown forces and kept there by his refusal to criminalise himself and his ideology by the British equivalent of a ball and chain.
The Craigavon 2 jailed as a result of falsified and deliberately manufactured evidence of a known compulsive liar under coaching and instruction by the RUC, with the British crown forces also interfering through arrest of a witness in an attempt to get him to retract his evidence..
Gary McDaid who finds himself kettled by the shadowy forces of mi5 to isolation on a criminal wing in MagHaberry to enable the British torture specialists free (illegal) access to attempt to pressure him into becoming an informant.
There are many more Interned due to the rotten to the core, old-school injustice system.
Marian has been released but not before they inflicted their 2 years of Torture.. Help end the torture and the ongoing miscarriages of justice still being inflicted on Irishmen and Women by the British State.
End British Internment and Torture!

Statement From Marian Prices family on her release

30 May

Statement from Marian’s family.

We are very happy to confirm that Marian was released this afternoon after a recommendation from the Parole Commission. This comes after being held for over two years in isolation on the basis of Closed Material Proceedings.
We would like to thank all those groups and individuals who worked tirelessly to campaign for Marian’s release.
Although she is now at home she is still very ill and we would ask that everyone respects our privacy at this time.
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Irish POW fundraiser a sucess

30 May

Despite state fuckery and cops being fucken stupid peaces of shit, people gathered yesterday at the rumrunners to listen to good music and hear speeches in support of Irish POWS, The event started with a speech from a member of Anti Colonialist working group thanking people for coming and denouncing the criminalization of the just strugglle of Irish people to determine there own destiny. This was followed by some good solid political music played by the band Tiocfaidh ar la and a speech from the singer about the need to support Price, Corey and other POWS. Mute Union from Guelph then played and a speaker from KOALA announced a letter writing night from Irish POWS and ALF members incarcerated.

All in all the night was a success and we will have many more such events

British consulate on lockdown as protestors demand freedom for IRISH POWS

29 May

On Tuesday May 28th a small delegation from Anti Colonialist Working group decedied to raise the issue of Marian Price , Martin Corey and other Irish prisoners interned by Britain by staging an action at The British Consulate.

Not wanting to be greated by mad cops, we wrote a fake callout for an action on the 31st and got people to spread it on site and pages we know are monitered. Thr Brits not wanting to fall for the same trick twice, were prepared but so were we. Waiting till security shift and coffe break, we ran into the elevators getting to the 28th floor were we were sad to find out that the office was on lockdown. Despite this, our demand of meeting with the British Consulate was met. We has a serious discussion esp. about Prices upcoming parole hearing on Thursday and after being satisfied that our message would be passed on to the Parole commision, we left, (later to find out controlled entryt was still going on.

We took our banner outside, where the security guard who was caught off guard decided to pull a heavy and make shit up. Being calm and rational didnt work at which point we took his picture. He freaked out making obsene threats of police removing the pic from my phone, and that I was banned for a year now. Pointing out the illegality of the arbitrary crap he was saying, he took our picture anbd told us that he had our info. We stated in that case we were waiting for the banning forms, which he did not fill out. He then brought out more of his thug buddies and seeing we were not intimidated stated that we were banned for two years.

After standing out in the rain for a bit and rasing this issue, we dicided to leave, our point being made.

Ernesto Che Guevara, The sacred Path

26 May

Ernesto Che Guevara: ‘The sacred path’
A special poem submitted to Liberation News
By Pedram F. Borhan
January 12, 2011
The writer presented this poem at the Jan. 7, 2011 meeting of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in Los Angeles to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of the Cuban Revolution. The poem honors the contributions of Ernesto Che Guevara.

Brothers watch me die
break away from exile
this marks our first step,
on a journey of a thousand miles.

The starry, starry nights’
in a potters impoverished eyes,
dreams but light years away
comes to life on these tiles.

To cover “the sacred path”
which still holds
footprints of the
faithfully righteous …
now serpent infested
the domain of fear and injustice.

But pass the valley of death
lies a luminous lawn
there I’ll wait with yearnings
should your sight ever dawn.

Shoulder to shoulder
hand in hand
we are to conquer
the battlefields
along side our potter
and with a new shade of dye
together we’ll nest
together we’ll fly.

Then if you should see me trapped
in a hunter’s lair
hey lonely bird
head for red sky.

I have died before
I will die again.

Toward my grave
I will fly again.

A downward flight
to release the rage
to free the pain.

A selfless attempt
to feed the grain.

Then tomorrow
at the hour of sacred reunion
I shall return
to blossom through you again.

Brothers, I love you much
this is our war, this is our march

Gwanju People’s Uprising

25 May



Gwangju, Korea, May 18, 1980: Soldiers are deployed against the people to brutally quell the Gwangju Democratic Uprising.
The Gwangju People’s Uprising took place in the city of Gwangju, south Korea, from May 18-28, 1980. It was a glorious revolutionary action undertaken to oppose the brutal military dictatorship of General Chun Doo-hwan. Chun had come to power through a U.S.-engineered military coup that overthrew the government of President Choi Kyu-hah and imposed martial law in south Korea in May 1980.

According to various news and eye-witness reports, the Gwangju People’s Uprising was triggered by student demonstrations on the morning of May 18 in defiance of the new military edict closing the universities and stifling any political dissent. The police were unable to hold the organized resistance of the people so a Special Forces unit trained for assault missions was dispatched to smash the uprising. The Special Forces used tear gas, batons and rubber bullets to try and suppress the uprising but still workers, shopkeepers, and parents took to the streets to defend their children. Then the military opened fire, killing close to two hundred people and wounding hundreds more.

Memorial in Gwangju, Korea, dedicated to those who gave their lives during the democratic uprising of May 1980. (ChrisJ/TrekEarth)

On May 20, some 10,000 people demonstrated in Gwangju. Due to the widespread militarization of the society, most major workplaces in south Korea had caches of weapons. Protestors seized these weapons, buses, taxis and even armoured personnel carriers, forming armed militias to fight the army. On May 21, the Special Forces were forced to withdraw and the city fell to the citizens.

The next five days were unprecedented in south Korean history. The people organized themselves into citizens’ committees to ensure the well-being and security of everyone. Food, medical and transportation systems were organized and lively political discussions took place where the people gathered to discuss their future and their opposition to the U.S. occupation of south Korea and the military dictatorship.

On May 24, 15,000 people attended a memorial service in memory of those who died at the beginning of the uprising at the hands of Special Forces. On May 25, about 50,000 people gathered for a rally in Gwangju and adopted a resolution calling for the abolition of martial law and the release of Kim Dae Jung. (Kim, who passed away in August 2009, was at the time of the uprising a well-known political prisoner. He would later become the eighth President of the Republic of Korea and play a significant role in moving forward the north-south dialogue for reunification. Along with the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong Il, Kim Dae Jung co-signed the historic June 15 North-South Joint Declaration which paved the way for a new period in the struggle for Korean reunification.)

Soon after this, the U.S. government of Jimmy Carter intervened because the Gwangju Uprising was seen as a threat to U.S. strategic interests on the Korean peninsula and Asia. The U.S. ordered the Chun regime to move troops from the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) separating north and south Korea and to re-occupy Gwangju. On May 27, at 3:30 am, the army swarmed Gwangju in Operation Fascinating Vacations. The people of Gwangju resisted courageously against this act of state-terror.

In the ensuing battle, thousands of civilians were killed and close to 15,000 people were injured. More than 1,500 people were taken into custody and many were tortured. Seven people were executed and 14 received life sentences for taking a stand against the U.S.-sponsored military dictatorship and to demand their rights.

The Gwangju People’s Uprising delivered a decisive blow to U.S. imperialism on the Korean peninsula and signalled a turning point in the struggle of the Korean people’s collective will to rid their nation of the U.S. military occupation of the south.

It was also a decisive battle in the Korean peoples’ project of national reunification, their fight for democratic reforms and an end to U.S.-installed military dictatorships in the south.

Another Nightmare i cant forget

24 May

Preamble between 1996 until 2006 i was always i jail or uncharges, most of the onditions were pretty muuuuuch house arrest, non associations and the like and in those day i wouuld liyeally be picked up every week, held on bail released on bullshit conditionsonly to be picked up sortly after, eventually released only to be picked up again. Throughoutthis whole ordeal i only have one conviction.

its five thirty in the morning and the whole house is awakened by my screams, this is not unusually I have quite a few nightmares and those who here me talk in my sleep tell me its about cops etc. The diffrence this time is i totally remember what i was dreaming about. The dream was pretty fucked up and after five ciggerrettes im a little bit more calm.i than god that my sister brought me espressoo coffe from jordon an make two litres light another smoke and start drinking.

i dreamed it was back in the day, and the cop came to my house, grabbed me out of bed, cuffed me, beat me took me to the station ripped off my clothing and asked me to bend over and cough, seeing i was not doing this he grabbed me by the hair, bent me over by punching me the the stomache and i unfortunatky complighed. one of our things was to refuse fingerprinting, since this is part of them making us look like criminalsa so he smashed my hand until my fingers were open, pushed them in the ink got my prints and i was returned to my cell. in court for my ail hereing which would always be remanded the courthouse was not dull of my comrades, but rather my former comrades who were being all critical of the fact that I was taking a political stand, and instead of the solidarity I was use to i was being denounced as an untra lefty. We were shackled on the bus and arrived in A and D in Maplehearst, where the guards, true to real life were assholes, stripsearched me again rain there fingers through my head and as always put me on the most fucked up range, usually with nazis on. As in life i dreamt about the fights, being removed from the range and put in isolation.

This is where the dream becomes a dream in a dream, in isolation i started to dream aout my former comrades stitting outside drinking rum, and pretty much forgetting about me (this has happenned in the past), i dream that those comrades of mine who use to believe the same things as me have become part of the system, and im not talking about getting government jobs or working in a law firm, but rather in there comfort, slowly by making a compromise here and there they have become what we were fighting against, they forgot the reasons for the strugglle and the reality we are fighting to change. the cell door opens and the screws say its time to clean the toilets, they take my head and put it in the toilet and make me lick i refuse so my head gets smashed and my face is full of toilet water …..this happenned to me in real life at quinty…..

i am finally granted bail with a bunch of bullshit conditions that refuse me moblity and associations with many of my friends and comrades. i go out to have my ciggerrette and instead of eing joined by people who support, my comrades are there and we go to the bar and buy rum and cokes my favorite drink. We start talking and the discussion turns into how we should learn out lesson and try to reach some kind of reasonable accomidation with the system. That we can do some much better by working inside and fighting them by there own rules, we should tone down our record, and for some reason Judy Greenwood spears from the green party is there and she is telling us if only we were nicer to the police we wouldnt have these issues (she actually gave this speeach at a mayday conference years ago when most of our comrades were in jail and i just got out with a bunch of bullshit conditions) i look around at my friends and they agree. We get into huge arguements and i wake up screaming waking up the whole house.

A psychiatrist would look at this dream and say it has alot to do with my fear of trial which is coming up in september, i would say they are wrong, i have grown use to the idea that i may get convicted for inditable offenses and unlike last year when i was freaking out i am over that.

My big fear is the political of consiliation that have deeply permiated our movement. former comrades not only justifying the system ut actually calling the judges a neutral party, those who use to chant ultra leftist slogans and are now flocking to the NDP, working for NGO’s and the such and calling it political work. My fear is not being isolated, one only need walk down poor areas in the east end to see that in our areas of work we have solid support. No my fear is those who have forgotten what strugglle is and in a way of making themselves feal better find ways in which to justify there participation in illegal instituions that work to impose there politics of criminalization on my community. im not bashing those who have governent jobs, nor those who have left the movement, we are after all free people, but even if this is the road you chose to take why bash and attack those who have stuck to the principles of open and dirrect confrontation in the streets with a system that brutalizes and attacks us. its hard enough hearing critisms from center leftists and others ut when we hear this shit from our friends, its like a huge brick hits the ottom of your stomache and you feel sick, because these people who at some point have been there with you seem to have not only forgotten, but rather have moved to the side of open condemnation.

Many people say the enemy is Harper and i agree, but if one looks closly the real enemy is priveledge and power with in the movement that allows people to forget who they are and become something they are not.

For myself, as a poor activist I know that my role is to stirr up shit, and i know im not an ideolog who will be remembered like Lenin, Stalin or others, and im fine with that, my fear is that i am fighting for a movement that will end up consiliating and at the end of the day our so called leaders will be part of the instituions of fuckery and me like other poor people will be discarderd, which is fine, as long as what we are fighting for is not so some people can have ngo positions and strengthen the system of fuckery. for myself, as flawed and abrasive as I am I hope to stay true to my principle no matter what.

Francis MacKey, National spokesperson of 32CSM Speaks in KW Via Skype!!!!

22 May

On May 22nd people gathered in Downtown Kitchener to hear to Francis Mackey of 32CSM speak about the reality in occupied Ireland and resistance to the process of normalization of British rule. The event began with a short speech about the need for all progressive forces to take a stand on the issue of colonialism, esp. as settlers.

Francis Mackey then gave a presentation about the history of 32CSM and how it grew out of the struggle to resist the betrayal of the principle of national soveriginty and Irish Republicanism. He further spoke about the brutal reality of occupation to those who refused to be bought off, as well as the continued attacks by the RUC/PSNI to criminalize and demonize Irish Repuiblicans, as well as the the continuation of internment.

His speech was followed by a q and a period where people in the audiance asked questions and the event ended with a rafflle.

Despite serious skype problems the event was a success, and we really appreciate Mr. Mackey taking time to talk to us. We wish success to the 32CSM in there struggle for a unified 32 County Ireland, free from british rule!!!!

Two years Interned – No British Justice! Francie Mackey Letter published Irish News 17th May 2013

18 May


This week marks the entry into the third year Marian Price is interned without trial and is incarcerated on the word of a British Secretary of State.

Where is the justice in this maltreatment of a defenceless woman whose health has deteriorated according to reports to a level that she is almost unable to function as a whole person.

Her incarceration in solitary confinement is responsible for this deterioration, firstly in Maghaberry, then Hydebank and now in hospital.

Health professionals have revealed home care packages to treat Marian in a humane way and to date the British Government have refused to grant her that humanity.

The long drawn out process in recent times still has not revealed an outcome, all the while Marian continues to suffer and has renewed treatment in hospital.

Fifteen years on from the signing of the British Agreement, the treatment of Marian Price and others exposes that the injustice suffered at the hands of the British establishment hasn’t gone away.

The analysis of the Irish people throughout our history that there is No British Justice in Ireland is epitomised again with this deliberate maltreatment of Marian Price.

How much more can this woman and her family suffer, how much more are the politicians prepared to make her suffer before moving beyond lip-service to her torture.

Marian Price should be released immediately on humanitarian grounds due to the state of her health but she should also be released as a right because the spurious charges against her are not proven and innocent until proven guilty has gone out the door.

Marian Price is serving a sentence of inhumane treatment for the past two years and yet is not sentenced to a single day in gaol. Where is the Justice?

Francis Mackey