1 May

May Day 2013
– Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) –
On the occasion of May Day 2013, the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) salutes the Canadian and international working class. We greet all those who have raised their voices in defence of the rights of all; all those who have organized themselves into a force to defend their individual and collective interests and the general interests of society; all those who are resisting as best they can the onslaught of the anti-social offensive.
May First is an occasion to sum up the experience of class struggle in the context of the concrete conditions. This keeps workers’ thinking ever fresh, sharp and capable of finding a way forward.
To be capable of finding their bearings no matter what the ruling elite throw at them is a great and consistent feature of modern workers. This facility arises from workers directly participating in the production process and solving its problems, and from the class instinct that has taken hold given the over two hundred years of class struggle with owners of capital. Solving problems in the struggle for production coupled with direct experience in class struggle translate into an ability to solve problems in the struggle to defend the rights of all, find a new direction for the economy and move society forward.
The militant struggles taken up in the last year are a testament to the fighting spirit of the class and its courage. In the past year, tens of thousands have mobilized to defeat the attacks of the Harper dictatorship and provincial governments and turn things around so that the crisis is resolved in their favour, not in favour of the rich. Steelworkers, forestry and auto workers, postal workers, workers in the tar sands, mines and mills, teachers and education workers, public sector workers, health care workers, scientists, civil servants and others throughout the economy and country have come forward to make a difference and bring about change which favours them. Industrial workers are determined to bring their superior numbers, determination, unity and modern thinking into play to turn the situation around.
Workers are the producers of all material wealth and the providers of all services. Without workers engaged in their work and producing the use-value and services on which society depends, the economy abruptly halts.
The working class is one class with one program representing the future of the country. This is a time to shout loud and clear that workers could do just fine without the rich but the rich would not last one
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second without workers. Through building independent working class politics and speaking with one voice the working people can block out the nonsense of the mass media and politicians and experts in the pay of the rich and undermine their anti-social arguments for their constant attacks on the working class and society.
All over the world, the workers are the only social force capable of finding a path forward out of the violence, anarchy and war that plagues the imperialist system of states. We are the future and the hope for this country and the world and our future lies in the fight for the rights of all. By providing rights with a modern definition and fighting to provide them with a guarantee, we can open society’s path to progress.
In the coming year, we must redouble our efforts to exercise control over the decisions which affect our lives. All actions which seek to marginalize us from the decision-making processes should be opposed. We can start by giving our own views on matters of concern and move on from just reacting to agendas set by others, to fighting for agendas set by ourselves.
No modern economy or country can function without the organized voice of the working class acting in a forceful and effective way in all economic, political and social affairs. No economic, political or social problem can be solved in our modern world without the resistance and organization of the working class and its organized voice and program at the centre of all affairs.
This May First it is more crucial than ever to unite in action with all those who are engaged in the battle against the anti-social offensive and to find a pro-social alternative.
It Can be Done! It Must be Done!
Stop Paying the Rich! Increase Investments in Social Programs!
Our Security Lies in the Fight to Defend the Rights of All!
Workers and Oppressed Peoples of All Countries, Unite!
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