CAS Freaks out, and bars us from public meeting!!!!

3 May

On May 2nd we decided to attend CAS’s public information night on Foster Parents and bring some of our own information, like articles from the Toronto Star, as well as raise issue of accountability etc. As soon as we entered the CAS building, the workers started freaking out and yelling at us, telling us to leave. I asked is this not a public meeting, on what grounds can you ask us to leave? at which point the woman grabbed me. I told her calmly that i do not enjoy being assaulted and not to touch me, at which point she continued to follow us, and physically blocked the door to prevent us from entering. When the people inside saw what was going on and how calm we were acting as opposed to her, she closed the door and locked it.

police were called and I calmly talked to the cop who was being very reasonable and saw no reason to call back up, since by this point we were on the sidewalk handing out information. Later we left to have people come back and hand more flyers to people as they were leaving.

Though todays action was good it raises some questions, What does CAS hgave to hide, if they wont allow people with diffrent poits of views into public meeting? its one thing if we were being disruptive to be asked to leave, but for simply attending and giving information, to freak out like that and lock the door? Are they so weak and corrupt that they cant handle any critism or scrutiny? If they are such control freaks and act like that to me in public, how do they treat children in private?


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    CAS is running scared in Ontario

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