A crazy Day!!!! Im going Postal…lol!!!!

4 May

Sometimes you wake up really pissed off at an injustice, you may have to deal with it alot, put on that one day you get right fucken pissed. I woke up at 6 am, which is kinda usual and i was looking at the letters to the Irish Prisoners that were returned (not to mention the ones that went missing etc) and a court summons for tresspass, which is only ticketable eg. a fine, but I decided that it was a serious injustice that some of my mail gets lost which I dont want to get lost, but I get the mai I dont want. So I decide to call my lawyer, cause alot of shifty stuff has been going on with my mail lately, which I may go public about at a future date. We chat for a bit about nwhat to do and who is responsible, of course he said there could be a reason for all this stuff but he suspects something else, which we are thinking about gathering proof, cause withoput proof you have shit. He found my line of reasoning funny, which was either I get no mail or all mail. I called my friend in Toronto who I saw was awake who is known to the police as a Irish Republican as well as a socialist, and just started to vent, he agreed a needed to get more evidence, Im like why do these certain letters go missing or get returned while I get a courtdate for tresspass, which is not serious, hes like you answered the question yourself, I tried to call some people but it was early, so I put all the letters that were returned that others didnt mailed put them in an envelope and bought the most secure mail with packageing and guarentee etc.

Was still in a shitty mood, when I saw some fucked up shit downtown. Still I had to prepare for my radio show so got on the bus and headed to the studio.

Now some of the shit that I get into is because of the state, some is just cause Im stupid this phone call is because of my stupidity. Before Mayday was helping out a family member and was rushing to leave, some person came and said he was here to inspect the furnace due to new regulations from the provincial government . They always pass stupid laws, and he had ID saying he was from the Onatrio Energy Group,, and he was talking quickly, I said I wasnt the property owner and he is like sighn sighn sighn, I wanted to get him out of my hair so I sighned.

At this point in time i found out what I sighned for, he called me to the me that they are coming to instal the new furnace tommorrow!!!!This isnt even my house and I m getting a furnace. He told me I was sighning for a check not a furnace, esp to a house that I dont own. I call the Ontario energy Board and am like what the fuck,and they are like the ontario energy group is a private corporation and there have been many complaints about there heavy handed methods etc. and that I should report him.

So here I am the proud owner of a new furnace, which is kinda fucken funny, esp cause i dont need a fucken furnace, how to getn out of this without snitching off the worker who is pressured by his boss to make sales, and is just saying the script? He calls me back and Im like you can bring the furnace but Im not paying for it and its not getting installed and then I yell at him for lieing to me, which he denys we yell at each other for a bit, totally forgetting about my postal problems and we finally reach an agreement no furnace and I shut up!!!

Since the station is in Waterllo I decide to go with my Scotish friend postering for the Venezuela event as well as for an event which I will post soon(come to think about I didnt even post the Venezuela event yet) Called 32CSM speaks, which is about a public skype meeting where someone from 32 will speak. I surprised at the recpetion of store owners, who not only know who the 32 are but are very receptive. I fucken remember last year, when we would put up posters for Price and the store owners were like no way. My comrade was like its because of the work we have done in the community, im like that may be partially ture, but alot of it has to do with the fact that those who are opportunistic have been exposing themselves, esp. in terms of consiliating to the freemarket and not sticking to principles. Whatever you have to say about the 32’s they have always stuck to the principle that they hold, and as a result of that people are realisizing the correct position they took even when it was unpopular.

We run into someone from the North who is not that pro 32 but we have a very good discussion esp. about the plight of the prisoners. I make it clear that not everyone in my group supports the 32’s but I do. We talk about the Loyalists and the problems that they are facing economically to which I point out that loyalism has nothing to offer protestant youth were as Republicanism is all encompasing I bring up Wolfe Tones, Mckracken etc. as an example.

We take off on amicable terms and Im having a discussion with my friend about this and my day. He’s like that guy really doesnt like conflict, and Im like no one likes conflict, which is why people got war sick and the GFA passed, but people are seeing there is no space for change within those perameters. We continue to talk and realised that we are being followed, my friend points out that we should act like after every event we are followed, includiong postering, I agree but point out that they let us see them to intimidate us, which he agreed and lamented the fact that they did not confront us openly, at least that way we could stand up to them. After all they are the armed goons of the state.

So why am I writing this? part of it is because life is always wierd and something will always piss you off but the most important thing is that nothing is gained by not fighting. Weather its the postal system, to pushy tricksters, to people fighting In Ireland, to back down from someone fucking with you is not going to stop conflict, the sorce of conflict comes from the person violating your rights and the only way that is going to go away is not being stupid like me and being yeah yeah yeah only to find out you bought a furnace, but rather by expressing your basic rights and defending them and by doing that resist those trying to fuck with you.


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