Confront CAS June 3rd

9 May

Confront CAS

Monday June 3rd 6:45pm outside of CAS Kitchener
or6:00 pm Sharp Queen and Charles Downtown kitchener if you need a ride

On june 3rd CAS is having a foster parent info night. these events are used to recruit potential foster parents so as CAS, a for profit agency, can make profit from selling children of poor and marginalized people. It is important that we confront them at this event by raising the issue thereby attacking there base of profit. We ask all those not know to CAS and Police to go inside and calmly inform fosterparents what is really going on through handing out articles about CAS malpractise from mainstream papers like the Toronto Star, as well as calmly and resctfully asking important questions. We also call on all others to join us in picketing this event and raising the issues. Since this is there last recruitment night this year, let us use this opportunity to expose and oppose what crimes they are commiting


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