Solidarity Tent City and Night March To Oppose The G8!!!!! Oppose Austerity,Imperialism and State Militarization!!!

15 May

June 17th Victoria Park Island, Kitchener
7:00 PM Food Speeches Set Up
9pm night march!!!

on June 26th 2010 The G20 Invaded Toronto to plan the austerity and war agenda that we are seeing today. Toronto was militiarized, grassroots groups infiltrated and mass
arrests and criminalization carried out.

Three Years later one can see the impact of the desisions taken at this meeting where these unelected criminals conspired to rob
the wealth of the people, topple Governments, and entrench a system of war, mass murder and plunder.

This June the G8 is planning to meet in Enniskillen co. fermanagh in occupied Ireland, where they will entrench there system of Austerity and colonialism.

As we speak the state apparatus of the occupation is planning to use this event to intensify the criminalization of the people’s just resistance to the austerity agenda and further entrench British occupation.

During the Olympic Torch Run, the PSNI/RUC, foot soldiers of British imperialism, under the guise of security, used the event to kick in doors and terrorise nationalists and Republicans in Derry until the youth of Derry rose up and resisted.

During the G8, in the name of the war on terror, these same forces will be attacking and rounding up political people who demand the right to determine there own destiny, while protecting the real terrorists who have orchestrated assasinations of democraticlly elected government leaders like Salvador Allende, carried out coups, invaded soverieghn nations and robbed the wealth of the people for profit.

This June let us show the youth and people of the Occupied Six Counties that they do not stand alone. Let us unite to oppose the agenda of austerity and war imposed on the world by The G8.

No To Austerity!!!
No To Criminalization of people’s just demands for self determination!!!!
British Death Squads out of Ireland!!!!
Free The Political Prisoners!!!!!

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