Popular education workshop on Venezuela a Success!!!

17 May

On May 15th, people gathered at the Queen St. Commons to participate in a popular education worshop on Venezuela. The workshop started with Santiago Escobar of the Popular Front Hug Chavez Network discussing the history of Venezuela’s struggle against imperialism. He then went on to discuss the role of corporate media in working to undermine the peoples strugglle, and the role of peoples media as an alternative to inform people of the realities of Venezuela. He also talked about the current attempts by the u$ and KKKanada to undermine the election of PSUV president Maduro by supporting attempts of the opposition to destabalize the country. He ended his presentation by discussing the role of peoples media in giving the people of Venezuelaa weapon to inform themselves and mobalize in defense of the revolution. The workshop ended with people creating a magazine in support of Venezuela and against imperialism and corporate media. We devided in groups and each created several pages. The event was informative and fun and we all agreed we would like to do more popular media and support Support Venezuela.

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