Francis MacKey, National spokesperson of 32CSM Speaks in KW Via Skype!!!!

22 May

On May 22nd people gathered in Downtown Kitchener to hear to Francis Mackey of 32CSM speak about the reality in occupied Ireland and resistance to the process of normalization of British rule. The event began with a short speech about the need for all progressive forces to take a stand on the issue of colonialism, esp. as settlers.

Francis Mackey then gave a presentation about the history of 32CSM and how it grew out of the struggle to resist the betrayal of the principle of national soveriginty and Irish Republicanism. He further spoke about the brutal reality of occupation to those who refused to be bought off, as well as the continued attacks by the RUC/PSNI to criminalize and demonize Irish Repuiblicans, as well as the the continuation of internment.

His speech was followed by a q and a period where people in the audiance asked questions and the event ended with a rafflle.

Despite serious skype problems the event was a success, and we really appreciate Mr. Mackey taking time to talk to us. We wish success to the 32CSM in there struggle for a unified 32 County Ireland, free from british rule!!!!


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