British consulate on lockdown as protestors demand freedom for IRISH POWS

29 May

On Tuesday May 28th a small delegation from Anti Colonialist Working group decedied to raise the issue of Marian Price , Martin Corey and other Irish prisoners interned by Britain by staging an action at The British Consulate.

Not wanting to be greated by mad cops, we wrote a fake callout for an action on the 31st and got people to spread it on site and pages we know are monitered. Thr Brits not wanting to fall for the same trick twice, were prepared but so were we. Waiting till security shift and coffe break, we ran into the elevators getting to the 28th floor were we were sad to find out that the office was on lockdown. Despite this, our demand of meeting with the British Consulate was met. We has a serious discussion esp. about Prices upcoming parole hearing on Thursday and after being satisfied that our message would be passed on to the Parole commision, we left, (later to find out controlled entryt was still going on.

We took our banner outside, where the security guard who was caught off guard decided to pull a heavy and make shit up. Being calm and rational didnt work at which point we took his picture. He freaked out making obsene threats of police removing the pic from my phone, and that I was banned for a year now. Pointing out the illegality of the arbitrary crap he was saying, he took our picture anbd told us that he had our info. We stated in that case we were waiting for the banning forms, which he did not fill out. He then brought out more of his thug buddies and seeing we were not intimidated stated that we were banned for two years.

After standing out in the rain for a bit and rasing this issue, we dicided to leave, our point being made.

One Response to “British consulate on lockdown as protestors demand freedom for IRISH POWS”

  1. the animals May 29, 2013 at 5:46 pm #

    Good job. Empty the jails…..

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