IRPWA Welcomes Price Home

30 May


IRPWA welcome Marian’s release

The IRPWA welcome the release of Marian Price and wish her a speedy recovery after her 2 years of isolation and torture at the hands of a foreign British government and it’s chosen torture camps in Ireland.
Her incarceration was a pre-planned act of vengeance by Westminster overlords for having an Irish Republican ideology.
It is a rancid corrupt system where a woman can be removed from her family and forced into isolated incarceration for a period of over 2 years on the whim of a Foreign government keen to flex their muscles via means of illegal internment and evidence destruction. Marian has been freed but should never have been arrested and suffered what she and her family have been put through..
Many are still suffering Selective Internment , not least Martin Corey who has now faced over 3 years Internment for nothing except a British/Pan-Unionist unwritten pact to keep what they consider Croppy’s in their place.
Stephen Murney interned for trying to protect his civil rights by publicly recording his own continual harassment by crown forces and kept there by his refusal to criminalise himself and his ideology by the British equivalent of a ball and chain.
The Craigavon 2 jailed as a result of falsified and deliberately manufactured evidence of a known compulsive liar under coaching and instruction by the RUC, with the British crown forces also interfering through arrest of a witness in an attempt to get him to retract his evidence..
Gary McDaid who finds himself kettled by the shadowy forces of mi5 to isolation on a criminal wing in MagHaberry to enable the British torture specialists free (illegal) access to attempt to pressure him into becoming an informant.
There are many more Interned due to the rotten to the core, old-school injustice system.
Marian has been released but not before they inflicted their 2 years of Torture.. Help end the torture and the ongoing miscarriages of justice still being inflicted on Irishmen and Women by the British State.
End British Internment and Torture!


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