We are all sysiphus!!!

31 May

only by struuggle are we unvanquished-spanish civil war song

What freedom are you talking about? the freedom to be homeless, the freedoom to be uneemployed, the freedom by be beaten and arrested for our beliefs-DJ Cameron local activist who took his life after being fucked over by the system

“If i didnt believe we could win i wouldnt e here sitting and talking to you now-CIRA member to the media

one of the biggest prolems of our movement at this moment is those who are willing to close there eyes to the horribble things around them and reach reasonable accomadtion with the system on the basis that our strugglle is doomed therefore its etter not to do anything other the be cynical fucks, making snide remarks on the sidelines and critisizing those who are engaging in actions as feckless adventurers. The flipside of this coin is so called maoists who push the theory of three worlds and bastardise the teachings of Mao to create legitimacy for inaction.

Stating that revolution is impossible here in North America these people have there internet forums, discussions, cushy jobs at NGOs etc. and in the name of ultra leftism, choose to do nothing and take shit one step further critisizing those who act as feckless, adventurists and needlessly causing themselves danger by putting themeselves at risks.

While i can sit here and quote to you from city records etc. about all the victories won locally by strugglle, some of it being physical strugglle against police who trample our rights, i wont. The thousand of units of housing created by this strugglle, the restoration of funding to programs slated for being cut, the evictions stopped and people livley restored through action speaks for itself that the line of direct confrontation against a brutal system is not only affective but necessary.

What speaks more to this is those in similar situations who have chosen not to fight out of fear of the all powerful state only to get screwed over as they find themselves tangled in a web of lies, court bullshit and deciet, esp if the people they are
dealing with is CAS or other such bullshit instituions that lie andcheat with the same ease most of us breathe.

yet the true question is not whether revolution is or nis not feasible but rather is it acceptable to sit by watching the state destroy peoples lives and sit back quietly and do nothing.As the death toll rises from drugs pushed into our community by the state, as social programs are cut forcing single mothers to sell there bodies to feed there children, as indigenous activists are incarecerated, having there livlyhoods destroyed, and getting killed like Dudley George, to sit by and do nothing is unnacceptable!!!!

The issue is not whether or not we will win, but rather can we live with ourselves if we sit silently and do nothing while the state intensifys its war on the poor and carrys out genocide in our name here and abroad. Can we sit outside the gates of auswitch watching the smoke coming out of the chimney and rationalize our silence in theory and defeatism? Can we live withourselves as the state destroys homes, throwing people in the streets, shutting down factories, yet spending billions of dollars on intensifying the prison industrial complex?

The issue is not about victory, but rather about survivalle , not just of our lives, but of our souls. As humans living in a imperialist nation uilt on stolen land we have an obligation to fight, not consilate with a system built on death murder and genocide.

Like sysiphus we have no choice but to push the rock up the hill knowing that it will just roll back down, yet continue to do so regardless because the issue is not if we will win, but rather because we have no other choice, and like sysiphus we must do so with a smirk, a smirk that says no matter how bleak things look we will still fight, even if we lose, because that is our only option, and there lies our victory, no matter what they do to us we must keep that smirk, the smirk of defiance that states, no matter what you do to us we will resist, and in doing so we cant be defeated, because no matter what they do to us they can never steal the resistance in our heart and soul, the spirit that says we will win, nay we have already won, because our victory lies in the fact that no matter what they do we will remain defiant, and by doing so we will demonstrate that there is an alternative, one they cant takke away from us, and that alternative is our right to say No!!!

One Response to “We are all sysiphus!!!”

  1. Leanne Flynn May 31, 2013 at 2:49 pm #

    What can we do for the eighty year old nun in an American prison? She broke into a nuclear storage facility by cutting the fence with wire cutters, and banged on the metal container of uranium until security finally heard her and arrived.( plus everything you said there in this brilliant piece) let’s live with ourselves, keep changing leadership, and keep healing ourselves and our environment.. co- ordinated intervention does need to be faster and bolder. We can exercise, some can join our forces and militias, and we can offer strategies to others. Vacations and visiting friends and family. Your letter writing is so extremely important. Thank you for your hard work. Planting food and sharing seeds is helping me.

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