Blood and honor and the code

3 Jun

So as I was waiting for my bus, I was approached by a huge NAZI bonehead. He came up to me and started yelling that I empty my bag (I always carry a huge bag with my legal documents books pjs etc when i travel), i look at him like hes crazy and he starts yelling about dirty immigrants not respecting this country and carrying bombs, I tell him to go fuck himself and he starts ranting about how dare i wear those clothes that are a symbol of enemies of this nation in this country. Realising that its only a matter of time before security comes, i ask him if he wants to talk about this somewear else. him being stupid and all refuses and continues to rant crazy shit like im some terrorist and have some crazy shit in my bag and hes some great patriot protecting this country from evil crazed radical immigrants. Finally he starts yelling insults about my and my family and makes his move. A security guard comes up and threatens to arrest him, at which point i put my arm around him and say he is my friend and we are fucking around. the security guard goes to call the cops on both of us for causing a disturbance by swearing and the dumb bonehead leaves.

At this point a bus driver i know approaches me and asks if I am stupid covering for a NAZI who obviously wanted to kick my ass. i point out since he didnt get to hit me technically he didnt break any law, and even if he did i would never have the police solve my problems.

He points out the fact that it was obvious that this NAZI was targeting me and if the tables were turned he would have no problem turning me over to the police, as well if the police do show up I am going to take flack for something i did not do, and for someone I obviously hate.

I asked him if he saw the way in which most passerbyers were reacting to this, he said he did. I pointed out that most people who were watching not only refused to step in, but were sympathetic to this “white patriot’ who was “trying to save the bus from an evil immigrant with a backpack.” The driver said that this was true but what was my point.

i said lets go outside cause i want to smoke, he followed me outside and i pointed out that this reaction from the general public was a result of the fear and paranoia created by the media and the state. he asked me to elaborate so i lit my smoke, took a puff and pointed out that on every channel the war on terror floods our living room every day, we are told that the enemys of this great nation are behind every corner, targeting our great country and the only way to deal with this is fear everyone who is different and give all power to the police. We are told that terrorists are among us, without any analysis of what is really going on, kept in a constant state of fear and as such, what the passerbyers saw was another wierdo trying to destroy their way of life and some standing up to him. Furthermore, this NAZI is the logical conclusion of the fucked up system that we live in, and his ideology is the only logical conclusion of Fox TV, Harper, etc.

if this is the case i stated, our only logical conclusion is to ideologically combat this and not rely on the state that creates this system eg. never ask the police for help or rely on them.

I then asked he if he knew where the word outlaw comes from, he didn’t, so i explained that back in the day under fuedal law those who were found guilty of certain crimes were declared outside the law, eg. they no longer fall under the protection of the Queens justice and as such whatever happenned to them was not the concern of the queen and there courts eg. the brigands could fuck em up and it was totally legal.

As a communist I recognize that there is no justice from the Queen or her representatives, nor do i seek justice from an outdated and colonialist criminal system, and if i am to criticize the state and put my morality and politics outside their law I have no reason to go and seek the Queens justice when idiots attack me, in other words i will not collaborate in any way with the Queens law or those who represent the queens law, nor will I seek justice from her, and as such I will never turn anyone over to the police, but rather deal with my problems through the community.

After all these politics are a direct result of the politics and violence of the state so why i would I turn to the state, who created this climate of fear and hate for protection from what they created?

As for Blood and Honor i care not that Kyle and his type have no honor and turn to the state for protection, i can expect no less of them. For myself I am a principled person and will stick by my code.


3 Responses to “Blood and honor and the code”

  1. The Animals June 4, 2013 at 12:49 am #

    Nazis – get the fuck out of KW!!!

    • doug June 9, 2013 at 3:56 am #

      Nazis – get the fuck out of KW!!!

      And take all the Commies with you!!

      • julian ichim June 10, 2013 at 2:21 am #

        doug……offf my blog…lol

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