Letter writing night with KOALA a Success

5 Jun

On June 4th we joined forces with local animal liberation group KOALA to host a letter writing night for Irish Republican Prisoners as well as ALF’ers and Walter Bond. The night began with people talking about various prisoners, why they were incarecerated and why we were writing to them. Shortly after we decided that we would collectivley write letters to the prisoners and we discussed what is and what is not acceptable to write to diffrent prisoners eg. it is not acceptable to write Dear Walter Bond, we think its cool you blew up a meth lab and we wish more people would do the same.

After we finished, diffrent people sighned diffrent letters and put there own personal message. The evening ended with people who supported but didnt want to heat themselves off telling us how important it is that we are writing to prisoners ….all in all the event was good.

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