Condemn State Tampering With Irish Republican Solidarity Activists mail!!!!!

7 Jun

As everyone knows, it is a federal offense to tamper with mail, unless you are the state and feel you have the right to misplace letters, packages etc.

In the last several months there have been several incidents of Irish Solidarity activists in Canada having their mail magically disappear or not arrive, or be tampered with in one way or another.

Letters to MagHaberry have been returned, correspondence between us and independent republicans has not arrived and books and other packages with letters and such have magically gone missing.

The most recent evidence of this is a banner sent to us from The Irish Freedom Committee in Chicago. Seeing that we are short on funds and feeling sorry that most of our banners around Irish POWS are made of bedsheets we “borrow” from our friends and comrades, our comrades in Chicago have made us a brilliant banner to use for pickets and highlight the plight of Irish POWS. This banner was sent with a tracker number and guaranteed delivery to be delivered the day before our May Day demonstration. It is currently June 7th and this banner has still not arrived. All inquires to postal services have not led to any answers to where this banner is.

While it may be true that quite a few of us involved in Irish solidarity are involved in various other political struggles it is mail related to Irish solidarity that goes missing and gets lost.

Ironically in the last three weeks, court documents, fines and other mail from the state relating to penalty from protests with courtdates etc. doesnt seem to get lost or misplaced, all these letters with real warm fuzzy sentences like if you do not show up on this date to hear the crown make himself sound self important by putting forward pointless motions a bench warrant may be issued or you could be convicted in your absence demonstrating that if the state trusts such sensitive documents to the postal service, it is not run by a bunch of bumbling idiots.

One can conclude from this that there is a deliberate attempt by forces unknown to try to attempt to throw a wrench in our gears as organizors by “misplacing and losing mail”, even if it is guareenteed delivery, as was the banner from the IFC.

All this demonstrates to us as organizors is the pettiness and vindictiveness that the state will resort to to inconveniance those who support the just strugglle of the Irish people for self determination.


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