Statement of Solidarity from Irish Republican Brendan Casey to be Read at g8 Tent City and Nightmarch demo in Canada

7 Jun

Comrades On June 14th and 15th Irish Republicans will be holding Anti-Imperialist Demonstrations as an Alternative to the G8 all over Ireland.
The issues facing Ireland today are many and varied from control of our resources, the attacks on the health, education and ability to care for our people must be resisted if future generations are not to be condemned to live with the dark legacy of the EU/ECB.IMF troika. The Stormont and Leinster House political class have betrayed the interests of the Irish people to Westminster and Brussels respectively.
Republicans will be calling on those interested in contributing to the debate on a New Ireland to be in Belfast on June 14 and 15 to begin the process of building a network of solidarity among all peoples striving a New Ireland and a better world.
In the world of today national liberation movements now face a powerful array of forces. In an Irish context we have witnessed a powerful array of political and financial resources deployed in support of the Stormont Agreement, from both sides of the Atlantic. This of course follows a pattern, the EU and US have also lent their weight to the Oslo accord which as well as sponsoring the so-called ‘road map’ for the middle east and the numerous attempts to bring an end to the ongoing insurgency of ETA in the Basque country. All of this is done so as to placate, divide and finally draw the teeth of the various revolutionary movements. None of these initiatives including the Stormont Agreement have tackled the fundamental cause of injustice and conflict. In each case they offer limited change and reform of the status quo. Essentially it is in the interests of the US and EU to remove any disruption or obstacle which these revolutionary national liberation movements might pose to their political and economic agenda.
From the beginning the Stormont Agreement could not deliver a just and lasting peace in Ireland because it failed to deal with the root cause of conflict in Ireland, which is the British occupation. Recent studies have also shown it served only to further and institutionalise sectarianism within the Six Counties.
The Stormont Agreement was about simply reforming British rule in Ireland, making the Six County state, which since its creation in 1921 was based on religious discrimination and political repression, more acceptable to nationalists. Its aim like the various attempts which preceded it, such as the Anglo-Irish Agreement and Sunningdale, was to divide and dilute resistance to British rule.
The Stormont Agreement not only sought to end resistance but also to criminalize all future resistance to the British occupation of Ireland. This has included the removal of the right to political status, which was secured because of the sacrifices of many Republican prisoners who endured hunger strikes over the years culminating in the deaths of Bobby Sands and his nine comrades in the H Blocks of Long Kesh in 1981. Today Republican prisoners in Maghaberry prison are forced to once again embark on a campaign of resistance to this criminalisation.
On top of all of this former comrades, who in 1986 left the Republican Movement following their decision to accept seats in the 26 County parliament, and who were warned at the time the logical conclusion of the direction they had embarked on was ultimately accepting British rule in Ireland, were finally absorbed by the British state. Not only did they take seats in the re-established Stormont Assembly but became ministers of the British Crown, administering British rule on the ground.
The reality of course is that nationalists were given symbolic concessions the real substance was won by Unionists who secured a final acceptance by the 26 County state that the Six County state was part of the so-called United Kingdom by the removal of articles two and three of the 26 County’s 1937 Constitution, this concession was enshrined in an internationally recognised agreement.
Despite the obvious failure of the Stormont Agreement, the line from London, Dublin and Washington is that the agreement is the “only show in town.
However Irish Republicans also show solidarity with all peoples who are struggling to vindicate their right to national independence, freedom and democracy. We are all united in a common struggle to establish in the world a community of free nations.
The day will come, and perhaps like a bolt from the blue when the frontiers will not be sufficient to prevent the handclasp of friendship between the peoples. But that day will dawn only when the Kings and Kaisers, queens and czars, financiers and capitalists who now oppress humanity will be hurled from their place and power, and the emancipated workers of the earth, no longer the blind instruments of rich men’s greed will found a new society, a new civilisation, whose corner stone will be labour, whose inspiring principle will be justice, whose limits humanity alone can bound.


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