British Crown forces attempt to turn young local man into state informant.

13 Jun


What follows here is a report from a young working man from Derry who has been a victim of a recent concentrated campaign of harassment and abuse from British crown forces including the RUC/PSNI. Their campaign has been culminating in continual attempts to get the man to become an informer.

I was arrested on 1st May by the RUC / PSNI. I was released later that night and when I asked for my car I was told it was seized. On going to collect it a week later, two strangers, a man and a woman, who introduced themselves as CID told me they wouldn’t give me the keys.
They stated that they wanted me to help them with information, I kept telling them no, I kept asking them to give me my keys and open the gate, which they then did after a period of time.

On the way back from nightshift this week, I was stopped at a PSNI road traffic check.
I was asked to open the boot of the car and realised it was the same CID woman who had changed her appearance, she was dressed in a standard PSNI uniform but re-identified herself as CID.
She stated “we have went to all this bother to talk to you again, putting on police uniforms and all.”
She then stated “we aren’t asking you to give up your mates, just anyone that you don’t like”.
She pulled an envelopment out with a phone number on it and tried to put it in my coat. I pushed her hand back and she said I’ll just leave it here, placing it in the boot of my car. I told her to remove it and they were wasting their time.
I got into my car and they kept holding the door open refusing to let me close it. They asked was I not willing to help, I stated again that I was not, then managed to close the door and drive off.

The RUC / PSNI are conducting a daily campaign of continual harassment against myself. I find myself stop and searched several times a day, I had my car deliberately vandalised by them, been given unwarranted penalty points and have them encamped outside my house day in day out daily, reeving their engines and waving in, which is seriously impacting on my health and family life.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement condemn the ongoing Political Policing, abuse and harassment conducted by covert British Crown forces with Blackmail, bribery and false charges and penalty points tools in their armoury the use to put pressure on vulnerable people.

Political Policing is ongoing and accelerating in the occupied 6 Counties no matter how it gets spun by those with a vested financial interest.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement would advise anyone suffering similar approaches to contact the movement by emailing or contacting a member of the 32csm. Get the approaches noted by a solicitor and contact local media.


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