Police try to issue bogus summons over postering for solidarity with G8 protestors!!!

14 Jun

This is dedicated to the three peope reacently attacked by police for postering around the alternative summit. Find our more on Irish Indy Media.

Why am I writing about this event that happenned to me one week later?

Its 5 am, I wake up and need to prepare for my radioshow. I walk into my friends house to use there computer and make some coffe, the coffe burns setting off the fire alarm, waking up my friend, they are like julian what the fuck, why are you burning my house down, im like needed coffee a few hours later realising my speaker cancelled, im on FB, i notice the status of a friend about attacks on people for postering around the summit, my friend is like why dont you tell them what happenned last week, i write a comment on there status my friend is like its incoherant, im like i need smokes….they are likke fuck julian go to the store illl make us coffe and then write a blog so people know that all over the world people are being attacked for taking a stand……….

Last Friday, on the way to the Radio station, i decided to put up some posters for our tent city and night march in solidarity with those protesting the G8 and the criminalzation by the RUC\PSNI in the occupied Six Counties.

My guest was postering with me when officer losh (i cant spell his name), who thinks himself an expert on “political crime” pulls up on his bike and demands that I take down the poster. i look at him and am like why the fuck would i do that? He starts quoting bullshit that there is a bylaw against postering. I am like actually the bylaw says that you are allowed to poster on the pollstwo weeks before the event as long as you take them down two weeks later. Really im like R Vs Ichim and …..2003. He was like i got a conviction last year and the person had to pay a hefty fine.

Realising that there was no reasoning with him im like fine arrest me or write a summons i have no time to waste with your crap. He was surprised and stared to secound guess himself, maybe we should go to the by law office and inquire…..y this point im pissed off esp since the streets are covered with bar advertisings of scantly clad woman and other capitalist bullshit. Im like no write me a court summons, i believe i was then detained and taken to the by law office where it turned out I was right.

i went to the Radio show and asked someone who has a historey of paralegalism his thoughts and we cut him up for half an hour. I also pointed out on radio that police do not have the power to inforce bylaw and said that one possible way the officer got his conviction is by scaring the guy and forcing him to plead guilty.

Later my friend asked if I was crazy given my current legal situationto pull that shit. The reality is that the state acts with impunity because it realises that people are scared and the only way to combat that is not to be scared and take a just stance. When I called the cops bluff he was forced to back down. Allowing them to dictate what we do and criminalize our politics only entrenches the paradighm where they are all powerful and we become victims. There fore it is important for us to stand up to them and expose there attacks on our right to be political.

As we speak The PSNI/RUC is attacking Republicans, Socialists and others. Under the guise of fighting terror they are implementing state terror and repression, and it is no accident that they chose to hold the summit in occupied territory the same way the2010 olympics were held on stolen native land!!!!They are seeking to entrench there system of occupation and colonization and we have a duty to stand with those who are under attack!!!!
Che Guevara said to wish the victim succes is not enough one must share his fate…..as people living in a colonized first world expoiter nation we have a duty to oppose the system built on the backs of others.

What happenned here in this incident pales in comparrison to
what just happenned to people doing the same thing across the pond. We must show our support and do what we can to resist these thugs!!!!


One Response to “Police try to issue bogus summons over postering for solidarity with G8 protestors!!!”

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