Tent City in Solidarity with g 8 protestors in occupied Ireland a success

18 Jun

On june 17th members of anti colonialist working group, occupy and others liberated Victoria Park in Kitchener and set up a tent city in solidarity with anti colonialists and Irish Republicans in the occupied six counties protesting the presence of criminal organizors known as the g8 meeting to impose criminalization and austerity on the people in occupied Ireland.

The event started with people hanging up banners on the bridges stating …British Death Squads Out of Ireland….Tent City…. Peoples Park,pigs not welcome and other such things….

A member of Anti Colonialist working group then proclaimed that this was now a peoples park and PAVIS and other police organizations are not welcome. Tents were set up, food was distributed and statements from Independent Irish Republican Brendan Casey and 32 CSM were read denouncing the G8 criminals attack on Irish soverieghnty.The 32CSM statement can be found at http://www.32csminternational.blogspot.com

The event continued with local hip hop artists rapping about the crimes of the imperialists in Latin America as well as beat boxing. Thus was followed by people chalking anti PSNI/RUC Solgans as well as anti g8 slogans.

Despite this there was no police precense making organizors thing that they were up to something, which we later found out that they were when we discovered that they were hiding in trees and attempted to ruin our night by calling bylaw enforcement and complaining that we had a make shift fire going.

Despite this we still have the park and will keep it. Today we are going to photocopy the statements we read and hand them out, as well as serve food and do other thing.

UP Tent City


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