Tent City Relocated across from Gentrified lofts!!!

21 Jun

Despite the fact that the Multi Cultural festival is two days from now, and the fact that we were in touch with the organizors by law and city officials told us to vacate the park. This was done when several organizors were running around from beurocrat to Beurocrat trying to tell them the arrangement we made with organizors.

Ironically this move by the city comes at a time when the media is starting to pay attention and gather support.

Despite editors of the bourgoise press removing all comments made by organizers of the anti G8 tent city remotley political from articles and news, more and more people have decided to come join us or at least find out what we are really about.

We have decided to move the tent city across the street from the Arrow Lofts. Arrow was one of the biggest employers in Kitchener until like Caterpillar in London and other closed shop as a result of the economic policys of groups like the G8. Building luxury apartments that working class people cant afford and intensifying the gentrification is part of everything that is wrong with the G8.

We are there and will continue to give out food, raise awareness of the economic policys of the rich and raise awareness and support for those colonised here and abroad who are resisting.


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