Year Zero, Tent City and RAAD

21 Jun

“I heard you told the judge to shut up , let me finish the other day in court, julian we need to talk about comportment if you are going to defend yourself” that quote was taken out of context, i said i was speaking to a motion and the judge said that they did not want to hear anything related to the motion, and what I said had everything to do with the motion, and after that i stated as much, and the judge let me finish, plus at this point in time the charges are provincial offenses.”

“we seriously need to talk about your factum that you are presenting for the inditable charges, you said that your arguement is that the courts are being used as a political tool to silence dissent, have you given any thoughts to that arguement, as well if you are going to defend yourself in front of a jury we really need to talk about decorum, its also not to late to hire a lawyer’

One sec. someones on the other line, i switch over the pigs are at tent city again and saying that our tents must be moved because they are offending the sensativities of bougies in the condos and they have the go to move.

I tell him ive got to go and what up at tent city, and he asks if we are going to take arrests, Im like depends on what people want to do our numbers etc.. Are you going to take an arrest, possibly I sAY. Your impossible Julian, I told you to stay out of trouble at least until trial in Sept., arent there other people that can get arrested, first off we dont even know whats going on, secound of all there may not even be need for arrests third of all its probably a simple tresspass which is a provincial offense which means either a ticket or a court date, finally im not gonna sit by and let other people get arrested while im drinking coffee anyways i gotta go.

What are you doing for your factum and your jpt in Aug? i’ll call you later I said.We need to talk about this now……fuck im gonna wear a shirt of Stalin and when the judge looks at me he will realise that every crime he is accusing stalin of is what he is doing, as well it will remind him that im court because i am a communist.

your not gonna do that….im like trying to end the conversation so I say to Quote peirre Trudeau before he sent the tanks in the streets “just watch”….loLs not even a word he says….maybe Ill call your lawyer fried intoronto and he can talk some sense into you…..I laugh….hes the last one to attempt to try to talk to me about my court behaviour, hes known me for so long and realise im one of the stubbornest person ever when it comes to politics.

Another thing we need to talk about is your romantisization of Cuba and Venezuela, these country are by no streach of the imagination socialist and as someone who talks about freedom i dont understand how you can back up dictators and tyrants, they are state capitalist blah blah blah……your lecturing me on socialism now I ask?(i know his trick hes trying to get me angry to start talking and get all rieled up and not go to tent city, well two can play at this game, plus im on a cellphone so i can walk and talk)

Your right I say they still have currency and books and glasses, how dare they these revisionist, lets bring back pol pot and create the perfect anarchist society free from intellectuals, currency and other such bourgoise western trapping. The ankara has more eyes then a pineapple and will root out such deviant western behaviour like running water. in fact our new goal at tent city is to bring everything back to year zero. We have abolished housing and live in tents, there is no currency, our fire is full of western books, and in the back we have a special place for peoples tribunals where we bury the bodys its called the killing fields 2.0

This is all funny to you (at this point it actual is). No, im being dead serious, Cambodia was the ideal society before the tyranical Vietnamese invaded, you had community councils, no pollution, no money and everyone worked it was a workers paradise sans workers, Marxism carried to its logicall conlusion, if only Cuba followed that model instead of wiping out illiteracy, setting up medical facilities everywhere, assisting in the defeat of aparthied South Africa and sending more volunteer docters to remote areas across the world, then Cuba woould have truely been a model for the world to follow as opposed to a revisionist society.

Shut up julian, i start laughing…..Seriously he says i also want to talk to you about your support for The new IRA. I dont support any para military group I say, I support the peoples just strugglle for independece and self determination. Listen to me these so called Republicans are really criminals and the group RAAD kills children. And Saddam send his armys to rip babies out of incubators I reply. These people are not like the provos they are psychopaths who just want to kill, as a humanitarian you should be appaulled at what they are doing, they would shoot half the people your are helping, as well as you because they hate communists, they are right wing extremists who want a catholic theocracy. i thought you said they were criminals, I reply, if they are right wing extremists that means they have an ideology and are guided by politics, in any case you are very misinformed, they are True Republicans not based on sectarianism or religion but rather the principles of Peirce and Connolly, the real right wingers are sitting in Stormont administering British rule, interning and torturing there former comrades, anyways i thought we were suppose to talk about my factum, its almost done, i gotta go.

i get to tent city everything is packed up, most people left because they didnt want to get arrested and the consensus was that we would move into Sandhills park, by this time its like midnight and we cant get a car to move the shit so we have to do it by hand, finally we are set up and we start a small fire and start roasting sausages. My friend whom I helped get off of heroine joins us and hes been clean for four years now, i went to highschool with him so we start talking about back in the day shit, like when we use to steal wine from my parents house, then they put it is a locked room, and we would smash the locks, until they got better locks, and we learned to take the hindges off , finally it got to the point where my parents had to cement the windows and stuff. We talk about old Anti Facist fights we use to get in with the NAZI’s till we chased them out of town, and all sorts of shit.

The discussion moves to more depressing shit like our mutual friend who was chooped up into peaces and her torso was found in a dumpster over 40 bucks, he then tells me that he was a a local shelter and some scumbag injected a 14 year old with morphine and meth and how the staff and everyone thought it was funny, and the guy was like hopefully she will take off all her clothing. We talk about the rash of OD’s in the city and the fact that the newspaper just had another article about the dngers with these hard opiates on the street. My friend mentions how fucken sick it was that this girl was used as entertainment by these fucks and compared it the roman collosiem where people would be thrown to lions for simple amsuement.

We continue to talk and the sunject goes on to another back in the day friend of ours who was very proud to be drug free who decided to try smack once and how shortly after we had to bury him. People were talking about conspiracy theorys that he was murdered and other such shit, but i doubt it, from what i understand he caved into pear pressure leaving a hole in the hearts of all who knew him. i wish my lawyer was there to hear the conversation, esp. when my friend was talking about the humiliation and degredation that dealers put him through until he made up his mind that he didnt want to be enslaved by the capitalist poison flooding our neighbourhoods.

i wish he could see the hurt and pain inflict on our community by those who take advantage of the hopeless by selling them fake dreams so that they can bludgeon there consiecness and escape the miserable reality to only to wake up as the walking dead.

I do believe that this problem is a result of capitalism, but that does not excuse the capitalist parasitical class that makes profit off of the misery of others. Maybe if there was a group like RAAD in Canada, we would be alot better off!!!!


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