Anti Colonialist Working Group Visit British Consulate to demand that they Repatriate Micheal Campbell

25 Jun

on June 24th a delgation from Anticolonialist Working Group Were outside the Bay St. Entrance of the British Consulate demanding that they Repatriate Micheal Campbell. Given the fact that the consulate is full of idiot security and assholes we got the event to be posted on various pages monitered by Brits stating the event would be Wed.

As well several people that are known to security, police etc., myself included, went to various places and acted suspisous (eg. smoking, drinking coffee, sending txts etc) to draw attention away from other protestors who attempted to infiltrate the building and take over the consulate. Seening the extra security inside and how people who were not protestors were catching flack, they decided that it was improbable to make it to the 28th floor, where the Consulate is and instead set up a info picket with a banner that read “Bring Micheal Campbell home” (most people dont know what repatriate means and its hard to spell) on the Bay st. enterence handing out flyers.

Sitting outside the college st. entrence, we started calling the consulate demanding that Micheal Campbell be repatriated until they turned there phone off. Finally after having quite a few pigs, security etc. staring at me, and the security feeling that they were tricked, Mr. “make that two more” (a member of consulate security who thinks he can an people for no reason for two more years) came outside and started yelling and threatening to arrest me “next time he sees my face” muttering shit like he has my info and will write me a tresspass notice, when i told him he cant arrest people n the public sidewalk cause he doesnt like how they look, and that if thats how he feels please write me a ban, he got more huffy and puffy muttering thing like he can do what he wants etc. showing his stupidity.

All in all the event was a sucess, awareness was raised, and they dont have photos of the second group i think (the bay st. entrence cameras arent pointed to the sidewalk i think). The fact that they were stopping potential protestors who were not protestors based on looks etc. and giving civilians flack demonstrates to the pulic the lenghths that they will go to to stop people from raising issues like there human rights abuses in the occupied six counties and suits us fine!!


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