Condemn France and Portugal collaboration with U$ attacks on Bolivian President Evo Morales

3 Jul

Evo Morales, President of Boliva has been denied entry to Portugese and French airspace, making him a hostage of imperialism and putting his life at risk. using the pretext of his support for Bolivias right to grant Snowden political asylum, a right all nations have, this violation and blatent political attack on the leader of a soverighn nation demonstrates the reality that the U$ and there Imperialist allies are willing to ignore all mores and norms of international law to punish nationsthat choose to follow a diffrent political path then the one that they are trying to impose.

Having landed in Austria, Austrian authorotys have confirmed that Snowden was not on the plane with Morales, further demonstrating that the imperialist lies have nothing at all to do with true or reality but rather that like in iraq with the stories of IWD’s they will fabricate whatever lies they need to impose there agenda.

the imperialist nations are trying to make an example of Morales, and by doing so they are violating all diplomatic norms and once again snubbing there nose at international law.

All who believe in international law and are against warmongering should harshly condemn this blatent provocation and act of war!!!


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