Function in Solidarity With ALBA Social Movements , Irish POWS and Pastors For Peace a success

8 Jul

Despite airport issues with Pastors for Peace who could not attend our event, people gathered at the Rum Runners Pub to discuss the issues of imperialsim and national soverieghnty. The event began with an introduction by organizors and was followed by a presentation via skype of Independent Irish Republican Brendan Casey who after sending revolutionary greetings to the various social movements explained the reality of the brutal occupation in the six counties and the collusion of free state forces with the brits.

After that there was a question and answer period where issues of the prisoners and the impact of colonization on the irish people was discussed at length.

Shortly after that there was a presentation on what happenned at the recent ALBA social movement gathering and the need to unify to not only fight imperialism in Latin america but unify and strenghthen our social movements here. This was followed y intense discussion on the problems in Latin America and here.

All in all the event was a success, and we will have many more!!!


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