On The Anniversery of the Death of Joe McDonnell let us intensify our struggle for the POWS

8 Jul

Oh what sad and bitter was the year of 1981 for evrything was lost and nothing won-Wolfe Tones

Over Thirty years ago, after the death of his comrades, Jow Mcdonnell joined them on hungerstrike for thr ight to be acknowledeged as a political prisoner and in that strugglle he lost his life. Today many people who call themselves revolutionaries will still around drink beer and sing rebel songs pattingthemeselves on the back for the liberty that was won by those ten brave men.

These same people will be silent about the illegal and criminal detention of Michael Campbell, the set up and incareation of the Craigavan two and the illegal internment of Martin Corey for over three years at the hands of the brits.

They will talk about the Victorys of SF, shared power and great things are in the occupied six counties ignoring the principles that the hungerstrikers were arrested and died for.

Today on the annibersary of the death of Joe Mdonnel it is not enough to sing rebel songs and feel good about ourselves for something we did not do, and in the process ignore the sacrifice of those still suffering in MagHaberry and other hellholes at the hands of the brits. There legacy demands more of us.

The only way to honor the hungerstrikers is to continue to support the strugglle that they died for and not forget the SSU prisoners, those on row three and four, and all others still fighting for basic human rights.

Many people will sit and argue who is resposible for there deaths. The reality is that the silence of the international community, at the end of the day was responsible!!!! Today on the anniversery of his death, let us not make the same mistake and rededicate ourselves to the strugglle of the POWS!!!!!

Free All Irish Political Prisoners!!!
Victory to the POWS


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