Protestors Confront CAS….let us prepare for july 10th!!!

8 Jul

Several weeks ago members of the communitty stopped an illegal apprehnsion by CAS which attempted to steal a baby of a young workingclass mother in the delivery room.

To continue our support we went to the courthouse today with sighns and held a silent vigel to all workingclass and marginalized families who have had there children stolen by CAS, as well as to show solidarity with the mother still fighting.

Our reception was very posative with many people, including the profession class showing solidarity and support.

While this was going on the state apparatus was trying to find an excuse to remove us, since we were doing nothing wrong.

When there were no people in sight, about 40 minutes after they started plotting they asked us to leave for face the police. we stated that this was public property and had every right to be here, but given that there was no witnesses we decided we didnt want the state to make some shit up on us and we left after proving our point.

We will continue our strugglle against the attacks of this private corporation against the children of our community and ask people to join us July 10th when we confront them on there own turf!!!


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