Public Space is Political Space, Reclaiming Public Property

11 Jul

Starting next week, Dealing with drugs as a social issue and KW Occupy will be reclaiming public spaces from corporate assholes and collaborators and turning them in communitty spaces.

This is a result of the continued criminalization of handing political material on public property, the intensified gemmtrification in our community, and peaces of shit who use these spaces as a place to raise funds for right wing fucks and such through neferious means.

Since the state will not provide the means we need to survive we ourselves will rely on ourselves to do this by taking up social responsabilty. We will hand out free food, have people there to speak to if ur getting screwed over by the system and have info on how to resist CAS and such.

Since our strugglle is an international strugglle we will have a variety of literature dealing with issues such as the strugglles against imperialism here and abroad.

We will not announce when and where we will dothis so the state apparatus will be unprepared, but you will see us!!!!!!

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