Solidarity with our comrades during “marching season”

12 Jul

once again july 12th is upon us, and to many here this date means nothing, yet across the pond in the occupied Six Counties this date is quite significant for it is the start of what is known as marching season.

The orange order, a racist organization based on sectarian violence and the ideology of the supremacy of loyalists use this time period to march through Irish neighbourhoods voment violence and hatred.

Like the KKK marching through black nieghbourhood here, these marches are aimed specifically to terrify and brutalize Irish people in silence and submission, as well like the KKK many of those targetted are woman and children and those whom they see as vulnerable.

These marches and activities carried out by this hate group have as much to do with loyalist culture as burning crosses and such has to do with culture identity of white people in the south.

If one thinks that i am exageratting i would like to remind people that since the GFA has been sighned, loyalist violence such as what has happenned in short strand, or the attack with machetes and hatchets of peaceful protestors on black mountain during the “queens” visit have increased, as has the severity of violence, aimed not just at Republicans but all people who identify as irish.

When one talks of shared spaces, what one would assume is that both groups maintain there identity on the basis of peaceful coexistance and respect. This is not possiblle when the idenity of one group is based on the political and cultural destruction of another. The fact that the PSNI is aiding in these hate parades aimed at fomenting violence and hate at Irish People shows that over a decade later nothing has changed.

To our comrades in the six Counties know that we are watching and you are not alone. These words are not simple platitudes but truths spoken. Attacks on the Irish community will be treated as attacks on ourselves and we will respond in kind through distributing information breaking the wall of silence as well as pickets at the offices and represntatives of British rule here. Furthermore those groups operating here in this territory such as the EDL and orange order and such will also be targetted for pickets and sit ins.

An injury to one is an injury to all!!!!

Irish people victims of this hatred we stand with you!!!!!


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