Action in Solidarity those under attack by loyalist shitheads was a success

14 Jul

Yesterday in response to violence carried out by loyalist mobs in the occupied six counties Irish Solidarity activists redecorated loyalist and monarchist symbols, and monuments in KKKanada. These actions were carried out with chalk banners and posters making this action perfectly legal.

Places targetted included monuments to the monarchy, the battlle of Ridgeway, meeting places of the CDL and EDL and other such places. Slogans in chalk and banners included we stand with Short Strand, end sectarian orange order violence and Queen Elizebeth II comander and Cheif of Britsh death squads ,

Banners were also dropped over the 401 stating Bitish death squads out of Ireland, Orange Order Marches are about hate not culture and support Irish communitties under siege.

Today we went to the farmers maarket and handed out 400 flyers condemning orange violence during “marching season” and engaed people in discussio as well as explaing why we carried out these actions kast night and most people were horrified at what sis goig on over there and congratulated us for taking a stand.

We will carry out further actions including leafletting. pickets etc and while it may seem that there is not much we can do directly to stop this state sponsered display of bigotry and violence perpetrated by the orange order, we will not sit by silently while colonizers are attacking people for the simple right to determine there own destiny. As there violence will intensify so will our solidarity with those whose only crime is to want the invaders ouy


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