ABC Magazine Launch kicked ass!!!!!

17 Jul

Despite police telling people we were collecting signitures to support RIRA killers (actually we were collecting letters for Micheal Campbell who is in jail in lithunainia for a MI5 set up), and other such nonsense people gathered to participate in the 4Strugglle Magazine Launch. The event started with an introduction read y myself and was followwed by a brilliant msg from the Int. Secratary of the 32CSM read by another comrade(the msg is on my blog for more info on the 32’s please check

Sara From ABC Toronto then spoke about there work, the magazine and took general questions on prison support and a letter was read about the ELF activist Eric Mccaid doing 19 years on a bullshit set up conspiracy charge.

This was followed by a brilliant letter from Walter Bond talking about class gender and race on the inside and the creation of the open air prison on the outside through the intesification of class divides and criminalization of those marginalized by society.

The event ended with discussion on the need to support prisoners here and abroad and intensify our struggles for those locked up.

We collected over twenty letters demanding the repatriaion of Micheal Campbell and will collect more. these will be hand delivered to the Lithuanian consulate in Toronto.


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