The Price We have to Pay

17 Jul

This blog is dedicated to my comrade who has a good job, and we fucken bicckker and gossip at each other and argue, but at least has not sold out despite political and person diffrence

Revisionism is re writing history and altering events, and the political philosophies of those involved in the event. Revisionism is not something done accidental but rather is something done on purpose to attack the collective memory of a people thereby creating a tabla rasa, clean slate in which one can re impose there own interpretation and political philosophys and by doing so altering the outlook of the people involved.

This has been done on nations such as the indigenous ones whose lands we now occupy, political movements such as the international communist movement at the 20th congress whose aims had nothing to do with wether Stalin was good or bad, but everything to do with pushing the line of peaceful co existance and a rejections of armed strugglles.

This type of revisionism takes place not only in movemnts and nations but also in citys, townships and neighbourhoods and its aims are the same to remove the peoples collective memory of strugglle and replace it with the ideology of pacification.

Today people look at the city as a neutral arrbetrator and give examples of the accomodation between food not bombs and the city ignoring that the reason that this happenned is because people have fought for it, sometimes physically, same can be said about the right to protest on city property and many other liberties that the city now gives us.

Quitte a it of the affordale housing in this city now was not given out of the goodness of there heart but rather by dirrect actions like taking over the mayors front lawn and defending that with sticks forcing them to come to the table and sit.

in short the process of political defense has always been through confrontation in defense of basic rights that we have by virtue of being human, yet today this history is eing re written and in the process the “new model ” of dialouge and discussion is being put forward eg. we give up the one thing that we have the power to disrupt, mobalize and resist and in turn we are at the mercy of the beloved state that will give us everything we want because they are so good and so nice, they even have a new model of policing force that will give you candy while they spy on you and beat you.

it is not for nothing that the non violence festival and other such projects are getting major grants from the city and that community organizations that promote pacification, while avoiding the discussion of why are we in the situation in the first place are getting funding and grants while those of us pushing for change on the street are getting labelled as hostage takers, intimidators, traumatiser and the like even though our tactics that we use today are nothing compared to the direct confrontation prior to 2006.

Nor is it conicdental that this comes at a time that communitties with a history of resistance are being targgeetted on mass for gentrifiction and discussion, or that days that major protests like tent city are being organized those inside who use to be the hardest anarchists are now trying to bribe people away with events like come have a hamurger for the homeless type bullshit. (ironically this failed in the sense that when we would hand out our food at tent city, that is when people would come in droves and one of the reasons we disbanded tent city was because it became to hard to feed that many people every day out of our own pockets)

The problem with revisionism is that people do remember, especially those directly affected, and although kkkanada has a short memory as long as those people remember there will always be a fighting force, outnumber, slandered criminalized but never giving a shit, cause we living in it (to quote onyx), and despite what the media and others say things havnt gotten better they have gotten worst, sure crack is no longer a prolem, why would it be when meth and heroine are so cheap, sure theres not that many panhandlers downtown , after all thats what happenneds when they get chased away by cops, sure the low income housing isnt that bad anymore, ut most people cant even afford that.

Those of us that are still fighting are doing so because we remember and see no other alternative, and if they choose to slander attack and criminalize us, i guess thats the price we have to pay.


2 Responses to “The Price We have to Pay”

  1. The Animals July 17, 2013 at 7:34 pm #

    “they even have a new model of policing force that will give you candy while they spy on you and beat you.”

    -police are not the sons of the workers, but the dogs of the bosses…………

  2. alan July 17, 2013 at 8:16 pm #

    Or as the T-shirts say: Police are the world’s largest street gang

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