class within a classes society

20 Jul

Disclaimer this is about a dream, a fucked up surreal dream probably influenced by the fact that i still havnt finished my factum, the resurgence of right wing fucks, and the fact that i still dont know how to run the computer at the radio station, as well as a amazing interview i did yesterday i cant get charged for what i dream, here goes.

You know, we can never have a legal meeting around julians case without a case of whiskey said my friend, i would preffer rum, good cause as an ex brigadista, we are going to cuba to see some of your old friends and sort this all out? how are we going to do that i ask? your friend from vancouver has organized another work brigade cool istate next thing i know im in Cuba and we are the encampament full of mosquito nets etc.

My friend Liber whom i have not seen in years is like we have no rum, so i go to the tourist store and grab three bottles of havana club. We sit at a table and my yugoslavfriend, two anti imperialists, the tour organizor and Stalin join us, not the old Stalin but Koba, the robin hood , train robber, only working class member of theBolshevik party is there. my friend Liber states you know our critisism of the old soviet system was that party members had special priveledges and could get stuff that others cant, now with the new economy in Cuba, those gusanos with U$ currancy can get stuff like Havana club and us party members must wait in line, fighting over what little resourse we have.

We pour ourselves a drink, koba is like pour yourself another, im like do i look like Krushcev  to you to be ordered around to dance like a bear for your amusement? we start laughing, i pour stiff drinks for all of us, so what are the facts of the case states my friend from Toronto ABC? Miller is a dick and is persecuting me for politicalreasons. Thats not a very good arguement she states, the second part is good but you will get nowhere y calling miller a dick, point taken I state….in the background we here Ciarian Murphy for god and ulster, and im like we are in cuba what does this song have to do with anything and a voice rings out in the air…..its your fault julian you still have not learned how to use mega seg and must rely only on youtube and the songs that come up as suggestions, well we are trying to have a meeting i state can you please put on megaseg, i promise i will try to learn to do it when i get back to the studio, no the voice replys, well if we are to listen to ciarian murphy lets at least our on some anti screw songs or sings about the PSNI etc., the voice replys youtube will make whatever suggestions it wants, ok i actually love cirian murphy butits wierd all of us sitting here in Cuba listening to Irish music, wheres you anticolonialist analysis my one friend says,

What are you all doing here anyways, my yugoslav friend says if you would have read Foucault you would no that linear time is an illusion, fuck if we are going to talk about foucault and shit pour me another drink, i will have you dancing like a bear eventually said koba, we start laughing.

The problem with you north american activists is you fail to see the big picture, my anti colonialist friend says what do you expect, North america is a settler society built on stolen land and slave labour, i jump in we can build a socialist federation of nations in this territory with only 20 million people, shut up your drunk im told,

seriously my friend continues, until an anlysis is pur forth unifying all forms of oppression based on the notion of the hereditary rights of the original nations of this territory things will always stay the same.

koba says i tried to tell that to the CPUSA years ago, and when the time came broaderism was put forth because segments ofthe working class refused to give up there priveledge.

What about the priveledge in the USSR i asked, how could you let it go to shit? Have you not read my book economic problems in the Soviet union, these questions were addressed.

The tour guide said you killed many people, most of them good communists, Koba starts laughing, you know why I was elected to the CC because I was Georgian and they needed a token colonized person to deal with the national question, the tour guide interrupts, didnt you liquidate most of the leadership of Georgia? he addresses my anti colonialist friend, in KKKanada, an imperialist nation built on your land, where every day you are reminded that you are colonized by the buildings, the anthem the rewriting of history are there not those in your nation that are being payed to facilitate this? Are there not those who are put there as leaders whose pockets are full and you starve, do they have a right to this leadership? No she says, they arenot our leaders, niether where the Georgian mensheviks, If anything destroyed the Soviet Union it was the national question which created a class within a classless society, Russia was a colonizing power, and when we took over this issue was never fully resolved, the nations that chose to suceed did so because there leadership crushed the true intellectuals and were used to attack what we were trying to build,by the time of the fascist war, these unsettlled questions of land, nation and self dtermination used to infla,e and insite the genocide that happenned.

You sound like Rosa luxemburg on Marxism vs Leninism, stop derailing the coversation,yes once i admired her, very much and alot of what she said has deeply influenced me,had she not been killed and had the first world rose up with us the story would havebeen diffrent, very diffrent…….at this point he started to age… Spain no onecame to the aid of the Republic except young volunteers with nothing but old weaponsand a love for freedom, then came Britains betrayal of Checkoslovakia, the facistmachinery came all the way outside the gates of moscow, Where you still held thecelebration of the glorious October Revolution with the enemy litterally at the gaterisking your life. I lost more them my life, I lost my son, for something that is nomore.

If the west would have rose up i staed, they did not instead they chose facism, theychose the glory of there “nation” above the glory of humany, if there is anything foryou to learn in an Imperialist nation it is that above all you must chose class aboveimperialist illusions, you must reject facism.

At this time the radio is balring aout the growth of the grass roots movement of

facism and attacks, my friend looks at me who i did not see at the table earlier, she

looks at me and says stay here in Cuba, have a few more drinks,there are other people

who can fight. my anti colonialist friend who has been silent till now states ‘if i

learned anything tonight it is that we have an obligation to fight facism, and deal

with the historic issues of colonization by taking responsabilty, lets go…….i wake

up in a cold sweat…….what a fucked up dream….still my path is clear


One Response to “class within a classes society”

  1. Leanne Flynn July 20, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

    and i wasn’t even in the dream? no pretty waitress that might have been me in a clever disguise?

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