The Political persecution continues!!!My next court date!!!

22 Jul

Aug 12th 9:00 am Superiour Court University St. Toronto

on Aug. 12th once again I am called in front of the respresentatives of her majesty the Queen, commander in chief of death squads and occupational forces here and abroad to face her injustice. This is my last court date before my trial begins Sept 30th, given that this is a Judicial Pretrial they may try to hold it in camera eg. the state and all there flukes can be there but my comrades must wait outside.

The purpose of this court date among other things is to hand in my factum and discuss things that might come up to make there kangeroo court run more efficiently.

Before we examine the nature of this kangeroo court let us examine the facts around this case. The state decided that for the sake of quelling opposition for the G8 and G20 meetings in toronto they identified people who according to the G20 papers held “criminal Ideologys”, these ideologies being Anarchism, Marxism-Leninism, Maoism and Socialism. Based on this people were targetted to be spied on and infiltrators were created on the basis of psycological profiles, me being one of them, Two years before the G20 meeting in 2010 these infiltrators were sent into our communities and documented everything about my personal life, my feelings and many things that had nothing to do with any sort of leagl stuff. This was further enhanced by the infiltrator close to me making up lies and saying things i never said. i was thrown in a van, beaten in public based on this false evidence charged with conspiracy, despite the fact that I barly knew most of my co accused,released on bail after being in custody for a short time, only to have this charge later dropped after living under strick conditions aimed at stopping me from participaing in political activities. I was given non associations with people because of there politics demonized and accused of inciting violence.

Throughout all of this i was not given a single peace of evidence, nor told any of the specific allegations against me, having to hear about it third hand from others.

i wrote about my experiance with this undercover peace of shit, only to be told that I was breaking a publication ban so broad that it covered not only what was said in court, but rather anything related to the dirty ops. if one examines this publication ban it was written in such a way that it could be seen as indefinate. in other words the purpose of this ban was to silence the truth about the criminalization of political persecution in this country. As a political person i had no other option than to refuse to be part of this attack on the collective memory of political attacks on our right to be political.

As one can see from the facts this case is political, yet despite this fact i only have two days in front of a judge to prove that the courts are being used as a political tool to crush dissent, and if I bring up politics in front of the jury, I will be found in contempt, removed from the courts and have some idiot continue the trial without me.

Why does the state fear me talking politics in front of the jury? What do they have to hide? Are Ideas so dangerous that they must spend countless dollars persecuting me? Are they afraid that twelve regular people will see through this farce and aquit me based on political arguements such as the nuremburg principles, eg, the duty to disobey unjust laws?

Earlier i stated that this is a kangero court and I stick by it. Those who remember my preliminary hearing will remeber the fact that the judge was clearly in my favour yet she was powerless to throw out the charges. How will my trial in Septemer be any difrent. i expect no mercy from a criminal system that persecutes people based on holding Ideologies they deam wrong, like some fucked up orwellian novel.

I intend to be poltical during my whole trial in September, regarless of what the state has to say.

if the state does not want we to bring up politics in the court they have a very simple way of doing that END THE POLITICAL PROSECUTION NOW AND DROP THE CHARGES!!!!

I am a political person and a proud Marxist Leninist and as such I have no remorse for any of my actions that lead to these charges, and if I had to do it again I would, not because I am a criminal, but because i am a principled person and to remain silent about the dirty deeds of the state only allows them to continue to perpetrate there crimes in silence, something i cannot allow!!!


4 Responses to “The Political persecution continues!!!My next court date!!!”

  1. Mike July 22, 2013 at 8:13 pm #

    You do not need to talk about politics to demonstrate that your prosecution is political and so unjust. Bringing up the specific political views that you hold or you accuse the state of holding is an irrelevant distraction that will not help your case.


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