Talking to the girlfriend of a victim of facist violence….NEVER AGAIN!!!

24 Jul

The enemies of class struggle deserve any violence they get.-Maoist slogan in the sixties

Were you followed?…..nahhh got a drive to weber entered a friends house, left through there back yard, doubled back….hows he doing?i ask go see for yourself im told… goes it i say, you look like shit……thanks big nose he respodes, i toss him a tube of lydocaine topical cream, some toradals (non narcotic pain killers) and a mickey of wiskey. This should help with the pain, i take it ur not going to the hospital? There not idiots he responds, they will only believ so many bullshit stories……remember canada day he ask….i laugh….just wondering you got a good one in the head he tells me, yeah and a few cracked ribs.

What happenned?I ask? five of those fuckers jumped me, one hit me from the back, they are fucken cowards i state, fuck them.

Want a shot Julian…..nahh you need it more plus anger wiskey and julian equals me rushing twenty of them and going to jail….lol but ill make some coffee and steal some smokes off of you…..dude you can barly breathe stop fucken smoking…..what your my girlfriend now….if your gonna complain..(i make an obsesene joke) fuck you julian….we jok around some more and my friend is tired so he goes to bed.

His girl comes out and has a smoke with me, wake him up every hour ask him his name and shit like 8+8 to see if he has a concussion. She says I dont think he could have answered that even without a concusion. We Laugh I light another smoke, seriously i say if he gets worst take hin to the hospital tell them he fell or got into a bar fight or some shit. What are we gonna do she asks me?

Good question, they are armed and cops never stop and search them, they are snitches, they have the state on there side. I answer we do what we walys do defend ourselves, never throw the first punch but finish shit if we are attacked, take over there spaces and if they want it o be like the late 90’s street fights and shit we will kick there asses. Still we cant act rash, to many of us are under survvelliance etc. and the cops would love any excuse to lock us up.

I go home and rant to a friend of mine on FB, I cant tell him why Im pissed, but its obvious that Im pissed. Blood and Honour , JDL, EDL whatver the fuck they call themselves they are nothing more then tools of the state. There hero Kyle McGee got chased out of town, but before he did he wrote quite a few police statements, i hear hes firebombing homes with kids and shit in calgary now being a tough guy, Tri City Skins and other groups that we use to fight also got chased out of town, some of them like Chris Guile was arrested for shit like child porn and theyn use to run the coke trade. Still when push came to shove, the police defended and escorted them to saftey. To bad they were not there when mona zettllers house got firedbombed in the early 90’s or our drop in centr windows got smashed etc.

They are, at the end of the day agents of the state and enemies of the people. How do you fight them when they have no honour and need the police to escort them out of the courthouse. I wake up all pissedd of, am ranting to my friend on FB, i go out for a smoke, then another, then another fuck, its only 7 45 am and i smoked six smokes.

I start to think, i wake up my nieghbour, cause im an ass and ask to use there phoine, I call his girl, shes not to impressed, but we start talking. Things become clear, the nazi fucks are pretty much broken there acts are acts of desperation fueled by the increase of dumb fucks, internet toughguys, we intensify our work, which is what they are trying to stop, intensify our peoples programs as well as political education and defend ourselves.

To any NAZI fucks reading this know that force will be met with force, we will not throw the first punch but we will contnue to do our work and if attacked we will crush you!!! You may have the state to back you eg. grant bristol affair Matt Lauder etc., but we do have community support, and unlike you we are not cowards!!!! The few of you that are left should join your friend kyle in calgary cause we will make sure that you are not welcome here


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