Meeting in Solidarity with Venezuela affirms our dedication to anti colonialism

29 Jul

On the centennial of the birth of liberator Simon Bolivar, people from across Canada gathered in Montreal to unify in solidarity with the Bolivarian Process, as well as set a plan of action to continue our work to support Venezuela against U$ aggression.

The meeting began with an introduction by the organizers and was followed by a smudging ceremony as well as a speech by a Mohawk Elder wishing us success in our endeavours and discussing the need to reject the colonialist model of genocide put forward by the state. This was followed by a Message of solidarity from Martin Rafferty of Belfast 32CSM, which was very well received. The Msg was then followed by a gift from 32CSM of an Irish Flag to the Social Movements fighting for the Bolivarian Revolution.

The flag was handed over in a ceremony to the movements, who will pass it on from one group to the other as a sign of friendship between those in Ireland fighting British Colonialism and Latin American nations fighting for self determination. The gathering was then addressed in spanish by a member of Anti Colonialist working group saluting the brave work of 32CSM and the Venezuelan people.

This was followed by a video and report back about the struggle in Latin America led by the social ALBA movements for self determination and resistance to the anglo imperialist agenda of colonialism and neo liberalism.

This was followed by a breakout session where we discussed the need for political cadre as well as to strengthen people s media.

The event ended with cultural performances.

Throughout this the need to strengthen links with all fighting colonialism and capitalism was an important theme and people left with a sense of accomplishment and lots of tasks.


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