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In response to Mchale and the new Facists

30 Aug

In the last few days in response to a blog I wrote about the new right, it seems i have stepped on a few toes. Messages and threats from a whole slew of reverse racism loyalist apologists have been filling my email and there have been attempts from a whole whose who of the right trying to spam my blog with there shit. These wrange from the likes of Gary Mchale known for invading Soverieghn native land attempting to incite violence on a colonialist basis to a whole bunch of psuedo rightists, Islamophobes etc.

Some of the comments are quite funny others are downright scary, but all of them have this common apologism for politics based on settler politics and attempts to vilify the content of my writings on the far right by ignoring the issues I have brought up and instead attacking my spelling or even my right to be in this country (oh the irony, last I checked these hate mongers are the last people to say who can or cant be on indigenous land, and If i need legitimacy to be here i would not look to it from these hate mongers but would rather ask those whose land I am on)

In any case, quite a few messages demonstrate my point for me, these forces are not about pushing for identity etc. but rather refusing to recognize others right to other identity by making a historical arguements (eg ignore the whole history of genocide and colonization as well as all the other racist state attacks that have started since contact and making these contradictions ethnic issues there by trying to de legitimize the historical truth that we are on stolen land of nations that the queen has entered into contract on a nation to nation basis, and by doing so recognizing that these conflicts are not based on ethnic tensions but rather on history of one nation through the force of arms imposing its will on other nations and in the process perpetrating genocide contrary to international law.)

The fact that they attack form instead of content further demonstrates that they have no political arguements other then insiting violence through provocation, slander and creating a false dicotomy where the victimized is actually the victimizer.

When Gary Mchale says equal rights for white and no two tear justice system he is ignoring and rewriting the historical genocidal context. We lie in a society based on white suremacy put into place to subjugate those who are colonized and if he really believed in equal rights for whites he would recognize the settler priveledge he benifits from and reject it, as oppose to staging provocation on unceded native land reminisent of orange order marches through west belfast which is more like we subjugated you and will fuck you over every chance we get.

Ditto for the two tear system, after all its not his compatriots flooding the jails based on there status in this fucked up system.

Still at the end of the day these attacks show the lack of political analysis they have and there desperation to attavk any and all who challenge there point of view.

For myself I really dont give a shit about there basic rhetoric and demonization of those who oppose them, which to me sounds like desperation, Our politics are based on principles, theres on intimidation and hate and to be hated by the enemy is a good thing not a bad things, it shows that we are effective.
i would sit here and go more into depth about the threat they pose but i feel there rhetoric speaks for itself!!!


29 Aug

Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front – Canada 
asks you to support and endorse an urgent email petition drafted by ALBA Social Movements.
Please send your endorsement before Thursday, August 29, 2013, 6:00 p.m. EDT to:


The undersigning international groups, social movements and organizations from different areas, strongly condemn the imperialist maneuvers of the United States Government and its economic interests, who once again are making preparations to invade a country with the excuse of wanting to promote peace.

We however know, as we have learned from history, that US invasions only generate more deaths and misery for the people who suffer their attacks as in the case of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and many other countries that have had to endure US intervention.

The New York Times editorial of August 27th, notes that “there is little doubt now that President Obama is planning some sort of military response” in Syria. The monarchist daily El Pais in Spain also highlights the topic on its cover today. Large hegemonic media is setting the stage to legitimize this intervention, which, as we all know lurks geopolitical control purposes over an area of the world that is strategic to imperialist interests.

The use of chemical weapons must be condemned in any part of the world. However in this case, there is no clear information on who is using them. Also, what transnational company is producing them? Nor is it clear who has been selling these weapons.

We, the peoples of Latin America, will remain alert and strongly condemn the actions of the United States, as the people of Cuba are already condemning. The United States, global police state, now commanded by a Nobel peace prize winner, has violated all relevant UN bodies with the complicity of white imperial European countries (France, United Kingdom), it imposes “peace” in the world by force of arms. It’s the “peace” of cemeteries.

Regardless of the position towards the government of Syria, the defense of the autonomy of our Syrian brothers and sisters must be the main and common flag of social movements worldwide.

For a true global peace with social justice, independence and sovereignty of the peoples of the world, we must denounce by all means this serious situation,

Americas, August 27, 2013.

Signed by:

Secretaria Continental de los Movimientos Sociales hacia el ALBA
Frente Popular Dario Santillan – Corriente Nacional Argentina
Juventud Guevarista – Argentina
Marea Popular – Argentina
Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra – MST – Brasil
Movimiento por la Unidad Latinoamericana y el cambio social – Argentina
Via campesina Brasil
Hugo Chavez Peoples’ Defense Front – Canada
Barrio Nuevo – Canada

Barabraism with a human face, the new face of hate

28 Aug

What we need to do is use diffrent words that will appeal to people, democracy security etc.- Nick Griffin British National Party.

Ove the past view weeks I have been perlexed at the level of copoperation in Kitchener between loyalists, Islamophobes, Zionists and street thugs. From apperances of scum on sun TV, to whole neighbourhoods beeing vanadlized with hate symbols, to UVF logals and swatikas appering in our posters downtown to copoeration and support for these actions by the JDL, something new is brewing and to simply engage in street battles with these peaces of shit without learning what is behind this new face of fascism leaves us vulnerable.

I have also noticed the nicer suit and tie version of this facism and the level of legitmact given to loyalist scum etc. by the media and how they present themselves.

Gone are the days when Renouf will rant on line about gypsys and “treasonous uprisings”, him, like most of the new right now don suits and talk about evil activists engaged in criminalizty exploiting these poor native people to bring violence.

Gone are also the days of denouncing the Zionist menace, whom are no longer seen as the enemy, but rather are seen as comrades in the strugglle against the asiatic hoards who are hell bent on invading this country to perpetrate acts of terror on behalf of the devil Islam.

My first concrete experiance dealing with this new coalition of unlikely bed fellows united by hate was last year, at a JDL, EDL, CDL event in toronto.

Weeks leading up to this event I have recieved hatemail and death threats from all the above mentioned organization and as soon as me and my comrades got off the tram to meet up we were surround by police, cuffed and removed. This did not stop them from continueing with there campaighn of intimidation rminission of my earlier encounter with Holocaust deniers like Zundel and his street army. In other words, the allaince may have changed but the tactics of silencing opponents through death threats and violence and reliance on the state to support them is the same.

In the past several months this new face of fascism and far right activity has increased as these people have consolidated and built links, sharing information and support.

Given what I have noticed in terms of change of rhetoric and attempts to legitmize there violence by having nice public faces, backed up by street thugs I have decided to examine what is uniting these people, what there aims are and buy doing this finding out how to oppose them.

Ironically this movement has its roots in England and The colonies they occuppy and it is there that i started my research. Imagine the shock hereing Griffin, Tommy Robinson and Willy Fraiser spouting the same rhetoric that the suit and tie ideologes of this movement are spoating eg. We are non violent, a peaceful movement of concren citiziens who dont want radical Islam (or Natives etc.) destroying our identity. Watching Griffin on the Nolan Show (an Irish Jerry springer) I could see him attempt to perfect the new face of facist presentation perfected by Willie Frasier and Tommy Robinson.

This new face of facism wont talk about mass deportation of undesireable or gassing “Fenians”, but rather is concerned about cultural identity democratic principles and other such things “erroded” by immigration of those who dont “share the same values as us”

This new face of fascism has dropped the swastika and replaced it with the Union Jack, or here the maple leaf, and replaced words like ethnic purity with phrases such as identity etc.

After hours of looking and reading such filth I felt like a hammer hit me in the head (not just because of the headache I got from this drivel). Hearing Tommy of the EDL callinmg others racist for calling him out on his shit and other such stuff, I now have a better understanding of the new Rhetoric of Renouf, replace immigrant woth terrorist, replace white supremacy with identity, replace the swatika with that hand thing or the furvent nationalism of Renouf and you have a marketable form of Facism.

It was sad to see everyone else on the show (there where quite a few) didnt take a hardline attidue of condemnation but rather were forced (or given the space) to discuss such things as the “immigration problem etc” legitmising there views, eg these guy have some bad ideas but there hatred has some legitmate roots.

Tommy mentioned a few times (distancing himself from this of course) the OSLO bombers manifesto. Given I know my computer is monitered i never the less downloaded it and it was an eye opener. Im only on page 700, but his ideas and actions are the logical conclusion of this political thought and it really helped me understand this new form of facism and bridge building.

The manifesto is well written and not the writings of a mad man but rather a well thought out platform of unity that would explain to the average person what this new facism is about it (boy i miss the days of drunken facists who could hardly articluate anything other then grunts and kill kill kill) and many of us on the left should be careful about underestimating our enemies, these guys are evil because they are smart and to those who have not studied these issues, its hard to argue with there logic (until you see all the historical and poltical discrepancies)

In a nutshell he discusses the role that cultural marxism has played in destroying the fabric of the nation leaving it open for conquest by jihadists. His paper, instead of using the old formula of jewish marxists, plays up the role of intellectuals and thinkers in degrading society but at the end of the day the ideology and points are the same.

From this reading and youtubing I think that the basis of the new facism is a siege mentality that is created by putting the victimizer in the role of the victim and calling on all to defend there beloved “freedom” at the expense of silencing all those who disagree.

This mentality, found in Zionist propaganda, Loyalist rhetoric of no surrender, to the filth spewed by the likes of Gary Mchale et al is based on the idea that western values are under attack by terrorists, aided by Marxists who agitate and exploit contradictions in this society with the ultimate goal of destroying society leaving it open for the evil asiatic hoards to plunder.

The rhetoric of the new facists is one of criminalizing inquirey through demonising critics as “activ ocrats” (in the words of renouf), intellectual elite, or university Marxists, there by discrediting any sort of political discourse and to destroy the legitmacy of any facts that stand in the ways of there theory.

Its no wonder these people spend so much time trying to create a mentality where they claim to speak for the working class and put so much energy in maintaining that image, this tactic has always been one of the right and in some ways we play into it by pandering to the discredited liberal elite as oppose to creating our own politics.

From Zionists, to Loyalists to anti indigenous monarchists the power of there rhetoric comes from playing into the seige mentality, where the enemy always viewed as inferiour seaks to break through these walls and destroy “our way of life”.

Do not fool yourself for an instance, tere power lies not just in rhetoric, but in violence which is the logical conclusion of this thought process…..we are under attack….our identity will be destroyed, therefore it is our duty to fight these hoards and there marxist collaborators. This logical conclusion is not a political opinion, but rather a boot in the face of all we aim to defend and to ignore them or say they are not as bad as real NAZI’s misses the point.

Under the cloak of legitmacy (aided by the boot) they are building support and moving the dialouge further and further to the right. After all, the history of facism has always been about gaining power through “legal means”

Ironically the working class that serves these intrests, that go against there own should remember what all facists do when they gain power. The lessons of the night of long knives should not be lost on them, for the time will come when the violence there leaders direct at us will turn inward, as is always the case with disposable useful idiots, they too will eventually feel the terror that they created.

Free Martin Corey Now!!!!

27 Aug

While the likes of Adams would have us believe that in the occupied six couties all is weel, and former comrades of political prisoners push there viw of the “peaceful road to the republic”, they are silent about what the price truely is for this “peacefule road, PSNI intimidation of Irish Republicans, Violent Loyalist attacks on nationalist communities and the intensification of internment of Irish Republicans like Martin Corey.
Over three years, Martin Corey, Irish Republican amd critic of the new system, eg. RUC sectartianism entrenched in Stronmont had payed for his political views by being interned on the behest of those who administer British rule for over three years. Despite the British courts demanding his freedom on constituional grounds, unelected secratrys of British rule from Owen Patterson to Villers have not budged and he is still a political hostage held on Kafkayestic secret evidence trials etc.

Three years, he is been a political hostage, held in the most brutal conditiond in Maghabery concentration camp beaaten forcebly strip searched and brutalized, while many of his formal comrades not only remain silent but justify and administer his torture.

These attacks on Martin Corey are not only aimed at him, but rather serve as a reminder to what will happenned to anyone who may speak for a unified Ireland.

Since the release of Marian Price, quite a few have stated that a victory was won and in the process the illegal internment of Corey as been forgotten. This serves no one but the current kidnappers and occupiers. To forget about corey is ti turn a blind eye to the criminalization of politics in the occupied six counties allowing them to go ahead and intensify there campaighn of intimidation and illegal kidnapping.

All who love peace and justice must continue the strugglle to free this elderly man and stop his torture. Please contact Villers and let her know Corey is not forgotten, and demand his release (comments are available on this link)

European Union, U.S. and Canada Remain Silent about Estonian Glorification of Nazi Collaboration

26 Aug

– Margus Tegleb –

On July 27, 2013, the annual get-together of the former Estonian 20th Waffen Grenadier Division of the Nazi SS (Schutzstaffel or “protective squadron”) was held in the Sinimae Hills of eastern Estonia, site of a fierce battle between the Red Army and Nazi troops, including the Estonian SS division, in 1944. The Soviet victory liberated the Klooga concentration and murder camp, rescuing 2,000 prisoners. Sinimae is a major neo-Nazi celebration, held since 1994, which openly uses banned Nazi symbols such as the swastika and is attended by Nazis from all over the world. The celebration includes the Erna military competition, named after the reconnaissance group that provided the Nazis with data about the Red Army during the Second World War. In the past, the Estonian state has actively protected the Waffen-SS veterans’ rally by banning anti-Nazi protest rallies and by arresting prominent anti-Nazi activists.

The Hitlerites began creating non-German Waffen-SS divisions in 1940, which by the end of the Second World War made up about 60 per cent of the Waffen-SS. During the war, 80,000 Estonians joined the Nazi forces and another 3,000 fought against the USSR in the Finnish Army. As did the other Waffen-SS Divisions, the Estonian Division committed countless war crimes, yet no Estonian government since the so-called independence in 1991 has prosecuted a single Nazi war criminal, some of whom, such as Martin Jensen who (died in 1992), fled to Canada under the protection of the Canadian state. The Estonian Waffen-SS massacred civilians in Estonia, the Soviet Union, Belarus, Ukraine, and Poland; attacked small groups of Red Army soldiers and killed Communist Party and Soviet activists; slaughtered Jews, ethnic Russians, prisoners of war, and any peasants who supported land reform; and participated in the transportation of civilians to concentration camps such as Klooga for execution. The President of the Middle East Institute Yevgeny Satanovsky (former president of the Russian Jewish Congress) said that the Waffen-SS was the same structure as the “death squads,” i.e., killing squads that hanged and burned old men, women and children in the territories occupied by Nazis.[1]

Executives of Estonia’s ruling political party have in the past officially attended the July Nazi gathering at Sinimae. In 2011, Prime Minister Andrus Ansip feebly claimed that the meeting had nothing to do with Nazi ideology, even though the Waffen-SS was the armed military force of the SS, an organ of Hitler’s Nazi Party commanded by Heinrich Himmler. This year the Estonian state kept a low profile with only the Minister of Defense Urmas Riensalu sending greetings to the gathering and no government officials onsite. The Russian Foreign Ministry sent a protest but no objections emanated from the European Union.

Although the Nuremburg Trials clearly declared the Waffen-SS to be a criminal organization, the Estonian ruling circles defend the Waffen-SS criminals with the well-worn lies that they were either coerced into joining the Nazis or else were patriots fighting against “Soviet occupation” for Estonian independence.[2] These fabrications are readily exposed by the fact that 30,000 Estonians voluntarily fought on the Red Army side against the Nazi occupiers, as well as by the fact that it was obvious that under Hitler’s Germany, Estonia could only ever have been a vassal state of the Third Reich.

The openly pro-Nazi orientation of the Estonian ruling circles became clear soon after 1991. On June 26, 1999, during the Mart Laar administration, the remains of Estonian Waffen-SS Colonel Alfons Rebane were transferred from Germany to Tallinn’s Metsakalmistu cemetery after a state funeral, despite an organized protest.[3] In 2002, Mart Laar and Minister of Foreign Affairs Tirvimi Velliste characterized the Battle of Sinimae as a “second war of liberation.” In 2005, the Estonian state funded a museum in Lagedi which memorialized the Waffen-SS Division. In 2006, Laar declared that sooner or later a law would be passed recognizing those Estonians who fought for Nazi Germany. In April 2007, Estonian authorities ordered the dismantling of a Soviet war memorial in the capital, Tallinn, which commemorated the victory over Nazism. Thousands of people attempted to protect the monument but police arrested over 1,000 activists and killed one Russian national.

In 2007, the Bronze Soldier, the Estonian war memorial to Soviet soldiers who liberated the capital Tallinn was removed from a place on honour in central Tallinn following pressure from anti-Soviet forces and taken to an out of the way military cemetery, pictured above.
What is the significance of this state-backed Nazi revival in Estonia and other countries? People understand that it is not just an aberration to be found in only one or two places. Recently the youth wing of the Christian Democratic Union party of Angela Merkel in Germany staged a mock demolition of the statue of the communist leader Ernst Thaelmann in Berlin. Thaelmann was the leader of the German Communist Party during most of the Weimar Republic. He was imprisoned by Hitler in 1933, kept in solitary confinement for 11 years and then shot in the Buchenwald concentration camp 60 years ago on August 18, 1944. Attempts to remove the statue besmirch his memory and defile the memory of the German people. Behind it all is a company which wants the prime real estate to build condominiums.

These forces want to obliterate the memory of the heroic role the communists played. But behind this, it is clear that the revival of anti-communism by the most reactionary sectors of the ruling classes which have usurped positions of power in Europe and North America is a deliberate concerted attack. This assault is meant to smash the resistance of the working class in the advanced capitalist countries and of the peoples of the world to the global neo-liberal anti-social offensive and U.S. imperialist plans to redivide the world. Remnants of the family of the Russian Czar and his retinue and similar so-called royal families of Europe, the same aristocratic dregs that funded the earliest rise of the Nazi Party, continue to scheme. They wish to repossess the properties justly expropriated by the people during the Russian Revolution and as a result of the peoples’ striving for empowerment during and after World War II.

Monument to Ernst Thaelmann in Berlin, Germany.

This is why these representatives of the monopolies and their parties and governments are now endorsing openly fascist resolutions. Such statements declare the deeds of the communists such as events which permitted the great Second World War victories at Stalingrad and Kursk to be crimes against humanity “worse” than the crimes of the Nazis. They condone the crimes of the Nazis, claiming their aim was to save humanity from Bolshevism. But the peoples of the world will never conciliate with new imperialist wars of occupation and other crimes against the peace and humanity carried out in the name of freedom, democracy and human rights. The peoples of the world despise both the old and new Nazis. Every effort must be made to oppose the comparison of the deeds of the communists with the crimes of the Nazis, otherwise we face worldwide disaster in the same way that the Anglo-American policy of conciliation with the Hitlerites inexorably led to the tremendous calamities and suffering during the Second World War.


1. For more details of these war crimes, see Estonia: The Bloody Trace of Nazism, 1941-44. The document can be found at
2. In 1950, the U.S. High Commissioner in Germany, John J. McCloy, who later pardoned all the Nazi war criminals jailed by the Nuremburg Trials, began official “rehabilitation” of the Baltic Waffen Divisions by declaring that they were “separate” from the Nazi SS and therefore were not a movement “hostile to the Government of the United States.” As is well-known, the U.S. imperialists recruited thousands of Nazis after the Second World War, e.g., through Operation Paperclip to work on the American missile program.
3. Laar’s reactionary credentials are prodigious. He is on the international board of the U.S. Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Committee, which is the inspiration for the Canada-based Tribute to Liberty’s anti-communist monument campaign. He is also a member of the misnamed International Committee for Democracy in Cuba, billionaire George Soros’ so-called Human Rights Foundation, the anti-communist Mount Pelerin Society founded by Friederich Hayek, and many other similar organizations.

In Defense of Hizb ut-Tahrir

25 Aug

Recent events have seen the demonization and criminalization of members of Hizb ut-Tahrir, known as the army of teachers, a principled group of muslims fighting for social justice. Slanders against them include promoting violence,anti semitism and whatever else kind of bullshit you would seeleveled to discredit any principled organization whose aims arm an end to western occupation of Islamic states and there right to determine there own destiny. I have know several members of this organization and in the early years of the 2002 period have had a cordial relations with there members, though for various reasons have lost touch over the years, and though I may have had several issues with there political program I have always found them to be principled, kind and a shing example of truely living a Muslim life.

This organization, contrary to bullshit said in the media is not a terrorist organization, nor do they believe in random attacks etc. but rather have been fighting through education people the need for Muslim land to liberate themselves from the colonialist yoke by setting up a system that reflects the values of the region through setting up a caliphate. I dont aim to argue sunni vs shite or wether or not there program is correct but rather to outline my understanding of there program and my interactions and by doing so showing that they are a legitmate party and there persecution is a perfevt example of islamophobia. Founded in Palestine there goals is to use the Koran the same way us leftys use the writings of Che etc., as a guide to action and how one must live there lifes. Founded in Palestinme, they reject the nation put forward by the western states, of nation states aimed at dividing Muslim people and for a return to Mulslim rule in muslim lands. The way they seek to do this is by following the example of the Prophet (peace by unto him) and set up an Islamic state through dialouge and mobalization. there program is based on three principle
1.Establish a community of Hizb ut-Tahrir members who work together in the same way as the companions of Muhammad. Members should accept the goals and methods of the organization as their own and be ready to work to fulfill these goals.[18]
2.Build public opinion among the Muslim masses for the caliphate and the other Islamic concepts that will lead to a revival of Islamic thought.[18]
3.Once public opinion is achieved in a target country through debate and persuasion, the group hopes to obtain support from army generals, leaders, and other influential figures or bodies to facilitate the change of the government. The government would be replaced by one that implements Islam “generally and comprehensively”, carrying Islamic thought to people throughout the world.

This program is not the program of crazys and psychos but rather a cohesive political program no diffrent from other political parties except for the nation that they believe that apostate rulers of Muslim lands must be opposed by legal means, and if on analysis this program one sees that this is a principled and legal way to promote ther views and is no diffrent then other political parties opperating here and abroad.

So why the demonization and criminalization? Quite simply the truth is that they are facing this because they are putting forward a political program which is anti colonialist in nature, that Muslim lands must be administered by the people who live in them as opposed to bourgoise western coloialists whose idead of democracy is the destruction of traditional ways of lives of peoples whom they have no right to tell what to believe and how to live.
In my encounter and working with various members over several projects i was struck by the disipline, kindness and love that they have not only for there people but rather for all people, particularly those who face oppression here and abroad. there membership here in KKKanada , countrary to CNN, is made up of kind and carrying people who practise Zakhat all year around, and though as a socialist who believes in strugglles of national liberation, as opposed to setting up one Caliphate, there dedication to liberate Muslim words through education has always been inspiring.

In the past I have seen there membership and engaged in many discussions on Islam and anti coloialists and the reality is that they are not these crazy fanatics but educated people who present there views in a very calm and scientific manner and any discussion was not based on belief for the sake of belief but based on logical and well thought out analysis, and though I may not agree with there program (imagine trying to talk to Harper about social justice…lol…I think it would be futile) there hard word and austerous lifestyle they lead has always impressed me, as well as many times I have seen there members live there lives based on there principles as opposed to adopting the trappings of western decadance. Many times I have seen members give the last of there money to buy food etc. for the unfortunate victims of the system not because they wanted to talk to them about the Koran but because it is what the Prophet would do.

As one can see from there program they do not engage in random acts of violence and there threat is not a military one, but rather poltical, there thoughts andbeliefs is what makes them victims of slander and attack.

At the end of the date Self determination doesnt mean that a peoples can only determine there own destiny if we agree with them (a new notion of white mans burden prevelant on the left) but rather we support all nations and peoples right to determine there own destiny regardless of what we think and as such I oppose the criminalization of political organizations, espicially if there ownly crime is there world view.

People leaflet farmers market to oppose line 9

24 Aug

Today two groups went to the Kitchener and St. Jacobs farmers market to distribute leaflets and gather signitures opposing line 9. After three idiots accosted us from global warming denyers to a right wing unbalanced Renoufite who called himself the prime minister of Canada and tried to punch one of our members, we started to get a posative reception.

We engaged people in discussion with our banner, gathered signitures and strenghthened the support in the community.

This event was important in terms of building support and showing that there is opposition to pipelines on stolen land.We will have more info nights and actions in the future.

‘Raise the Rates’ to Respond to Liberal Round of Talk on Poverty with Week of Community Action‏

23 Aug

Anti poverty organizations, community groups and trade unions workingtogether in the ‘Raise the Rates’ Campaign refuse to participate in yetanother round of Liberal consultations on ‘poverty reduction’. Instead,we will work for the mobilization of poor communities and their alliesthat can win real action on the disgrace of poverty that exists inOntario. The Liberals have had more than a decade to show they are serious aboutdealing with the sub poverty social assistance system. We heard no endof talk and have been asked time and again to participate in theirconsultation process. Despite this, people are poorer under the present‘Social Justice Premier’ than they were under Mike Harris. Even worse than this, we fully understand that this Government hasembraced an austerity agenda. We fully expect that, in keeping withthis, the Liberals intend to merge Ontario Works and ODSP and attack therights of disabled people in the Province. In a situation like this, participating in their present consultationswould be more than buying into a stalling tactic. It would enable theLiberals to prepare the greatest attack on the poor since the 21.6% cutto social assistance that was initiated by the Harris Tories, withcommunity opposition silenced. ‘Raise the Rates’ will respond to the Liberal diversionary tour of emptytalk and fake assurances with a week of action. During October,communities across Ontario will hold marches, rallies, pickets,occupations and other actions to demand the Government keeps its handsoff ODSP and raises social assistance rates to the levels that existedprior to the Harris cutback of 1995. We will also demand the fullrestoration of the Community Start Up and Maintenance Benefit and supportcalls by First Nations Peoples for the right to extended control ofsocial assistance delivery in their own communities. Full details of all upcoming actions will be released in due course andwe ask unions, community based organizations and people directly affectedby poverty and austerity to join with us in fighting for an Ontario wherethe right to living wages and decent income is respected.

For more info email

Letter writing night for Irish and Basque POWS

23 Aug

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
43 Queen St. Kitchener
Come out and support prisoner of colonialist degredation and torture, and let those inside know that we remembr and will not forget our comrades locked in the belly of the beast

Sharon Rafferty forcibly strip-searched in Hydebank

21 Aug


On Wednesday, 14th Aug, Sharon Rafferty, Sean Kelly, Aidan Coney and Gavin Coney were taken out to Omagh Court for their P.I.(preliminary investigation) The 3 men in which is unfortunately now normal practice for Republican prisoners in Maghaberry were forcibly strip-searched before leaving the gaol but in a sinister development it has transpired that female Republican prisoner Sharon Rafferty was also forcibly strip-searched by staff in Hydebank gaol. Sharon was physically restrained by staff and her clothing was forcibly removed. Sharon has been left with physical injuries and no doubt emotionally scarred by this brutal sexual assault. IRPWA demand an end to all strip-searches and strongly condemn this new development whereby female Republican prisoners are forcibly strip searched in Hydebank.
Posted 5 days ago by Nor Meekly Serve My Time