In here no one will hear you scream

2 Aug

Back when my mom was alive, many people would come to her from the community and ask her for help because they know she had a crazy communist son who would fight for people, she would reffer these people to me. One of the most fucked up fereralls that I got was Adrian Dragan. Dragan was a Roma who gave up his Romanian citizenship and came to KKKanada, believing that this was the land of milk and honey and all that other shit you hear on Voice of America. Due to state fuckery he ended up in immigration detention. In theory his case seemed pretty simple, but in practise it was quite difficult. The KKKanadian state was attempting to deport him, but had no where to deport him to.They accused him of some diffrent crimes which were easily proven false and any citizen would have them thrown out, but he was not a citizen, hence these rights didnt apply to him despite the fact that KKKanada was a signitory to the UN treaty on the rights of stateless people. When first talking to him he was on hunger strike, in solitary confiment in the Niagra area. In Romania this is a big thing, we went up to visit him his beard huge, and his cheeks hollow like, we looked at the facts of his case and started to mobalize. They would then do things to him like remove his mattress, break his arms, beat him and brutalize him because A. he wasnt a model prionser eg. he demanded his rights to be free from immigrant detention based on UN law and B. because they could. We would spend hour talking on the phone and in the background you could hear some screw yelling why dont you speak in english or other such shit. The more they brutalized him the more he insisted on being treated like a human, which intensified his various forms of protest and resistance. They moved him to Vancouver, the other side of the country which is like from Ireland to Far East Russia, to cut him off from his supportters. Throughout his whole ordeal the media remained quite. Here was a man, who was being held indeffinatly in solitary simply because of the fact he was not a citizen but rather a dirty gpysy. In the middle of the night they would open his cell, kick him , beat him, take his mattress etc.being treated like a dog. We contacted people in Vancouver and got them on board and evry time they would do something to him, here in ontario, offices would be taken over etc. Yet the media was always silent about his case, I think there may have been one or two articles in Lefty papers. but other then that there was nothing. One day, in the middle of the night, they put him on the plane and sent him to Romnia, when he got there, they asked him if he wanted to apply for citizenship he said no and they sent him back all shackled and shit like he was hannibal lecter. We would be in constant contact he like any prisoner he would get really frustrated because this dragged on for some time definatly more then a year, maybe two or three my memory isnbt that good with time and eventually alot of people in the movement began to burn out in regards to his case, which frustrated him more.After a lengthy struggle, and the smashing of all illusions of the ngreatness of KKanada he was returned ro Romania and I believe regranted citizen ship
I Spent alot of time wondering about how he is doing, but more then that I wonder ,alomost a decade later, wh0o remembers his case and what did he suffer for. His request to have KKKanada fullfill there obligations under the UN were denied, he was beaten traumatized and tortured and in the end he went back to Romania. The victories we won for him through our protest were significant to someone on the inside but things we take for granted eg. the right to his matress, an end to his beatings temporarily etc. and at the end of the day in the big scheme of things it seems like it was all pointless. Yet the more I think about the greater i see the significance, he suffered for an idea, that stateless people such as himself be given the same rights that we all have, he suffered because he refused to be silent and complacent in his criminalization based on who he was, he sufferred because resitance was his only choice. Yet I wonder how many immigrants who dont have contacts are going through the same thing right now, as i remember the anguish in his voice, how many others are there whoses voices we dont hear, lost in a system based on degredation and criminalization of who someone is by virtue of birth. One thing I remember him telling me, and stays in my minds is that in here, no one can hear you scream.


One Response to “In here no one will hear you scream”

  1. Apahidean Adela September 7, 2013 at 11:16 pm #

    Foarte ciudat, din Romania si chiar din Spania, Canada se vede altfel decat prezinti tu. hmmmmmm dar incet incet ni se deschid si noua ochii acum cu compañía asta canadiana care vrea sa exploateze aurul de la Rosia Montana si sa lase un ocean de cianuri

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